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Outcasts of writing

Feel like an outcast? Feel like writing? Come join outcasts of writing and write whatever you feel, swap books and tips, really I don't see why you shouldn't join.

Discussion began on 09/13/2017


  • Atheon_rising_vault_of_glass-dark jestr-2 Icon-founder DARK Jestr

    Talk about yourself, feel free to chat about whatever too.

    Now I'm DARK Jestr and well I,m probably the craziest person you'll ever meet. If anyone thinks they're crazier than me, I certainly want to meet them. 

    I write mostly sci-fi books, though I'll occasionally write somewhere else.

  • Img_0977 Icon-moderator Eowyn Doyle

    Hey DARK Jestr!

    I seriously have a hard time believing anyone can be crazier than you.

    I mostly write fantasy, but I am currently working on a futuristic adaptation of  Beowulf for my literature class.

  • Atheon_rising_vault_of_glass-dark jestr-2 Icon-founder DARK Jestr

    doyle how do you know where i am all the time? I honestly want to know

  • Img_0977 Icon-moderator Eowyn Doyle

    I happened to be on Figment a lot and check for new groups frequently.

  • 2017-04-23-13-52-20--1270298573 Icon-non-member Madison L.H.


    I'm Madison!

    Writing has been a constant in my life since early childhood, and, having done it for over half my life, I've pretty much done a little bit of everything by now.

    My current specialty is stories and novels written in free verse rather than traditional prose. It's hard to get people to really understand what it is or how to review it, much less enjoy the full effect.

  • 1475345632987 Icon-member Dannielle Byard

    Hi y'all can call me Danni, I'm usually the "black sheep" so this should be an interesting group. I write a lot of poetry and fiction novels. I right anything from fantasy to dystopian. And am looking forward to making new friends.

  • Atheon_rising_vault_of_glass-dark jestr-2 Icon-founder DARK Jestr

    Well then Danni.....welcome to the group! Black sheep are welcome.

  • Atheon_rising_vault_of_glass-dark jestr-2 Icon-founder DARK Jestr

    so doyle what made you pick this group in particular? there's other groups, i mean they're roleplays and stuff, but what in particular.

  • Fun Icon-member Daniel Smith

    Oh please, you haven't even seen crazy until you look up SCP on youtube... all the videos you find are fake, but if they were real you would really scared, and you might still get scared just from watching the videos.

  • 1475345632987 Icon-member Dannielle Byard

    Daniel my brother loves the SCP sites. but he never watches the videos. My favorite SCP is the eye-pods... they look so adorable and are basically like a pet! But then there are the super creepy ones.... and the plain out weird ones.

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