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Outcasts of writing

Feel like an outcast? Feel like writing? Come join outcasts of writing and write whatever you feel, swap books and tips, really I don't see why you shouldn't join.

Discussion began on 09/13/2017

Swap station

  • 30b853a278d2e86537beb34b6b251212--destiny-game-destiny-bungie Icon-founder Light in the Dark

    follow this format for swaps please.

    Title: book

    Description: It's about a book who flies to the moon.

    Location: Member books/My homepage

    Thank you in advanced, though a story about that flies seems somewhat interesting

  • 1475345632987 Icon-member Dannielle Byard

    @DARK Jestr i left you a review, feel free to message me if you would like to discuss further. lol

  • Fun Icon-member Daniel Smith

    I need some help with this one, I'm doing it about a chapter a week and don't have anything done this week

    Title "Discernment 101"

    Description: As Chris walks into school, he wonders what his pre-filled elective at the Apostolic Academy  will entail.  He soon finds that the seemingly innocent world and people around him carry spirits that he could only imagine before.  

    Location: Group books.


    Im just now getting him to school, and im changing my swap status soon after this.

  • 1475345632987 Icon-member Dannielle Byard

    @Daniel Smith gave you a small review from what you do have out. Looking forward to more!

  • Fun Icon-member Daniel Smith


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