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Hey, I Need Your Help

I'm writing a short research paper on Figment users and would really appreciate some input

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So essentially, I have an assignment for an English class. We have to choose a Discourse Community (as defined by John Swales)and write a 1500 word paper on it. I chose to do Figment. A little because i'm a member myself and a LOT because I love the community and just think it has so much to offer. With the impending doom of Figment ending, I think it'll be real treat if I could write the piece, especially now, just to show just how important Figment actually is to people. I wanted a few varied views though. In the discussion section there's gonna be one board with a ton of questions on it. If you could do me the huge favor of filling out as many or as little of those questions as possible it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you!

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