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The Rosebush Hotel

A beautiful but old, haunted Hotel. (Roleplay)

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Welcome to The Rosebush Hotel. Let me give you a little background...

This hotel was build in 1850 and closed down in 1960. A grand hotel with 30 floors and two basements and always filled up with guests. There used to be beautiful balls held here every year and weddings since just so beautiful...but something tragic happened.

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The many generation later hotel owners daughter was only 10 years old when a serial killer checked into the hotel for the night...and he had a thing for children. During the night when most people would be asleep, the killer went off in search for pray...and found the suit that the hotel owner stayed in along with his wife and daughter.

Not even a sound spilled from the daughters lips as she was slit across her throat. Her parents didn't even wake up...untill the morning sun came up and there screams filled the halls. 

The owners instantly closed down the hotel and left after giving there daughter a funeral...but it is said that the hotel is haunted by this girl. Scared and alone and lost since no peace for her. 

Will you get haunted if explore the closed down hotel...?

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