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Second Chance Ranch

You were sent to the ranch to learn how to do hard work and more. How will you survive this place for the whole summer? Make friends, have fun and learn something new.

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1. No Godmodding! I do NOT need to explain!

2. No Bullying Out of The Roleplay. Bullying in the actual roleplay is fine as long as the other person is alright with it. But bullying to other members is not allowed! You will be kicked from the group if I find out your doing this!

3. No Perfect Characters. Everyone has flaws. Please keep this in mind!

4. No One-Liners. You may write as much as you want, but the minimum is 3 sentences!

5. Swearing is Fine. Just don't make it every word and sentence. Don't abuse this rule!

6. Sexual Content is not allowed. If it does happen, please just skip it. 

7. You may have multiple characters. As long as you can handle them all!

8. Have fun!

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