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Book Share *SWAP*

Interested in getting some attention for your page. Hearts, reactions, reviews,'ve come to the right place!

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Any of the stories that you want read, just post them to the group :) Hearts, Comments, Reviews, and Reactions!!!

Post anything...stories, poems...whatever you've written...just interested in reading different stuff and getting my stuff read :)

 Please try to be as active as possible in this group so we can all get our stuff out there.

 A few things that I would like people to consider...

1. Try to be as friendly as possible. Nobody likes a bully.

2. If you want people to read your writings then be sure to follow through and return the favor.

3. Have as much fun as possible and feel free to have open discussions about anything as long as its appropriate for everyone.

4. If you're leaving someone a review or honest. Every single writer in the world who wants feedback wants it to be truthful. What they do with the feedback is up to them...but if you see a punctuation or grammar mistake...point it out. Spelling error...point it out. I don't know about the rest of you but I want to improve my writings and I think honest feedback is a big help with that.

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