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Writing to Fly

Stuck on writers' block? Want to collaborate with a fellow Fig? Having woes on publishing? Join our group!

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Congratulations to Beth Lilyan for winning the Beginnings Contest, and to Amanda Foody for winning runner-up. Thanks to all who participated, and watch for the next contest soon! 

Beginnings Contest Finalists!

  •  Benjamin Stemberger
  •  Beth Lilyan
  •  Evey Hammond
  •  Elizaveta
  •  B. W. Mathers
  •  Godiva Penelope Littleman
  •  Alice Danielle
  •  Vanya Russ Tzarsky
  •  Nika Borden
  •  Amanda Foody

Also, a shout-out to Cee Wilson and Apocalypse Stacia Moon! I originally had twelve finalists, but I had to cut it down to ten. Sorry.

All finalists must post the following on my wall so I know they've seen this list: Hi, I read the finalist list and I am one of them!


  1. The only Figment contest promotion you are allowed is to share a contest entry with the group in Member Books. You are not allowed to submit your contest entry to any of the Swap Circles, ask advice for it from the Writer's Steps, or make a new discussion promotion it.
  2. Be nice! We are all here because we love writing. While honest critique is always appreciated, personal attacks on the author or extremely harsh critiques are not.
  3. You are not allowed to cheat in the Swap Circles. 
  4. Have fun =D

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