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Welcome to theCYBERfig, your go-to source for writing news. We publish writing tips, promote budding authors, and keep everyone up to date with all things figment.

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theCYBERfig is a figgie-run newspaper on our favorite writing site. Co-founded by Rose Rivera, who worked with the old newspaper Figmentere since the beginning, Mimi the Mouse, who also worked as a journalist with the last newspaper, Daphne Yang, and Fiona Plunkett; all four experienced writers, who have had experience writing and understanding what to write for a news source. Who wanted to make an official newspaper. Who wanted to make sure that it was done well.

If you want to submit random commentary, writing tips, figs to follow, or figment news, please post your submission in the stickied post at the top of the discussions. If you want to draft something, ask for help, or just need to talk about this news source, please post a new discussion. Bumping up an old one with a similar question/comment that needs a reply from the editors will be less likely to be seen, but works as well.

Each draft will feature interviews, short stories, posts about authors, reports on the figment happenings, and random thoughts/jokes. All submissions will be review by the editors who will edit (of course) and compile the pieces into a book viewable on this group.

Remember: all submissions will be read, and only ones that aren't helpful/are only negative/inappropriate will be ruled out for all editions.

Moderators will be chosen when figs consistently turn up with submissions. Those ones who prove most helpful will become even more so.

Thank you!

(NOTE: please do not enter books into the group book section unless they are being submitted; in that case, copy/paste the whole thing or however much you want in one edition (we will run serials) into the submissions box. PLEASE post questions in a new discussion.)

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