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When Murderers Gain Fans

Jack the Ripper, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kasey Anthony (Because yes... she did kill her child -.-)... but mostly Jack the Ripper. It's not like we worship what they did, we just worship their minds!

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So, yeah, it's not like I go around worshipping the ground the murders walked on and wanting to be just like them but, come on!, they're all friggen genius' in some way or another. Killing over and over again, and never getting caught?

Plus, they make for great characters in some stories ;)   <----- Read it! (I COMMAND YOU!)


It's a list of serial killers/murders with a bit of background information about them. You can click on their names to learn more.


Write a story about them! Anything! Go nuts! Explain how you think their mind works, explain why you thought they did it. Or maybe write a story about before they were murderers. What was life like for them, in your eyes, that made them become so vulnerable and willing to kill for a thrill?

Make a thread, write it down, copy and paste a link!

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