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Current Causes

For figgies with a drive to change the world.

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Mission Statement

To inform figgies of the latest causes around the world, and to give them the resources to help in the best way they can. 

To encourage activism and discourage fauxtivism. 

To encourage debate, and reach sound, productive conclusions.

To make things right.

To change the world. 


Post causes below. Do not make more than one discussion for each cause.

You are encouraged to promote petitions, events, reliable charities, boycotts, awareness campaigns, and other forms of activism for your cause and others' causes.

You are encouraged to post updates abot your cause if the situation changes and figgies should know about it. 

Debate is encouraged, but abuse and harrassment is not allowed. Abuse and harrassment include personal debate-unrelated attacks, derogatory slurs, attacks outside of group discussion, trolling and spam.

Only share books that in one way or another promote a cause. 

Serious offenses against the group will result in removal from the group.

Current Causes

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS A GRAPHIC IMAGE (disable images under your browser settings)

Please sign this petition to encourage the UN to aid Syria in protecting its innocent civilians and children from murderous violence!

Please sign this petition to free Marissa Alexander, a battered woman and mother of three who has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for firing a gun into her cieling as her husband charged at her in a violent rage.

More information in the "For the unfairly convicted" thread!


Please sign this petition to revoke the sentencing of seventeen year old Diane Tran, a hard working honors student thrown in jail for truancy because she was too exhausted from from her heavy school work and two jobs to go to class.

More info in the "For the unfairly convicted" thread!

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