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Stereotype Out

Stereotyping is the art of putting things into boxes. How about, for a change, we break out of that box? Be yourself. Make a difference.

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Hello, we're Stereotype Out and Mr. Stereotype doesn't like us.

Since you are here, you must be ready for our very unique minds. We are some of the farthest people you can find from stereotypes.

Instructions: I want you to take that mental picture of us in your head and put it through your mental shredder. If you judge someone, you should base things off fact, not opinion. Biases are a key component that Mr. Stereotype uses to make innocents fall into his grasp.If you're going to make generalizations, then make them about desserts, not people!

And so, thank you for reading through the instruction manual. I will take this time to ask all present (meaning you) to not leave any rude comments or anything of that sort.

Thank you, and welcome to...

Stereotype Out


Admins: Bianca Corgrot, SunRay, Sirius Black Serviette, Skytop, Wanderer, Super Susi

Moderators: Madison Wicks, Noxsie, Vinathi Alaburger, Jenny, Chris Torr

Members: You!


Every 10 days we are going to have a Ten Day Topic. We'll have a topic where for ten days, I'd like you to post opinions, events that have happened to you with that topic, and anything else having to do with the topic. If you ask, "Why ten days? Why not a week?" then I'll tell you why. We're writers. We're people. We don't fit inside boxes.

Ten Day Topics MAY or MAY NOT last the duration of ten days... but we'll see!

Ten Day Topics are currently offline. We apologize for your inconveniences. Is that a word? Maybe? Perhaps? Well, words aren't to be stereotyped either.

Please post in the "Ten Day Topic:" section!

Next Ten Day Topic(s): ???


"What time is it?" is a series of lightning-fast questions from our Admin Wanderer that we're going to answer everyday. Yup, there's a new question everyday. Go and answer a question, and you might even be able to post a new question! Once the Figgie clock hits midnight, you can post a new question that you want to see other's reactions on! Plus, the Admins can award "points" to whomever has the coolest answer. At the end of the week, maybe the winner will get a free lengthy review...? We shall see...kekeke! (Explanation by our very own Wanderer with edits from Bianca Corgrott!)

Click the "What time is it?" discussion and check it out! New question EVERYDAY!

If you're having trouble with time zones and all that junk, here we go! (Thanks to Alex Caswell)

Figment Time: EST/EDT

EDT (New York, New Jersy, Virginia, Florida) - 12:00am [0:00]

CDT (Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota) - 11:00pm [23:00]

MDT (Montanna, Colorado)- 10:00pm [22:00]

PDT (California, Oregon, Washington) - 9:00pm [21:00]

HDT (Hawaii) - 8:00pm [20:00]

GMT (England) - 6:00am [6:00]

PHT (Phillipines) - 12:00pm [12:00]

Please let me know if one of these are incorrect. If you want me to add a time, let me know and I will!


Check out this group on Figment: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger


(the link may not work, so you might have to copy and paste.)

Check out Real-Life Reviews, too! It's a great group!


Feel free to post your books in the "Group Books" section, but it doesn't guarantee that we'll read it. It might just sit there, so know that before you put your book it.


Discussion Catalog (Since not all show up):

Introduction to Those Who Are Confused - the excuses - 1. Cliques Are For Territorial Squirrels - How to get out... - Don't lose the passion. - 2. Books Don't 'Clique' - Teasing - Introversion vs. Extraversion - Anorexia - 5. Racial Barrier - Racial Stereotypes - Stereotyping your past? - Clothing? - 3. High-Heeled Hierchy - What is stereotyping? - Books that are Stereotyped Out? - Do we stereotype love? - 4. Vexatious Vicissitude (Annoying Change) - Smart= Nerd? - Celebration Thread - On Body-Image and Role Models... - Troublemakers - REAL: Why Big Words Make Nerds - Goody, Goody - I'm so happy! :D - I want your opinions! And your regrets! - Advertisements - Any issues that you'd like to see written about? Any questions for the admins? - Gossip - All things KH - Motivation - Furniture - Tomboy - Girly... - Advice? - I've never noticed... your beauty's fading... - Weight? - It's the little things - Familes and Beliefs - Left-brained ro right-brained? - What have you been stereotyped as? - I hate "learning" - Does anybody out there feel the way I do? - Jocks - Ever seen What Would You Do? - HELP!!! - Make-up - Rant! - What sets you apart? - What time is it? - Mr. Stereotype Doesn't Like Me (INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE!) - "Beautiful" - Looking for some explanation - False Modesty - Curious: How did you hear? - Personality Test - very important. - Morality: Which side are you on? - I'm Back!! =) - Nerds - Cutting - Music - Need a name for a fairtale town - About the new group picture: Find out about the little words that you can't read - Awkward - Stereotype or what! - Something odd.. That I've found.. - Okay so I thought this was COOL!!!! - Picture Chain - Not related but still look here! - 300! Immortalize yourself here! - Emo - Suggestions - YEAH!!!! - Common Sense vs. Stereotyping - "Childish" - Back from Oblivion, and I Missed You All!!! - Skytop's Advice Column - You must [fill in the blank] if you live in [fill in the blank] - A list - Geek - Teachers - Chocolate Cake vs No Chocolate Cake - Parents - Stereotyped Because of Reading - Advice from the Chocolate Addict- Rant of Happiness- Defeat the Sterotype: Islam. -Hate/Love Relationships- Instruments - Cats or Dogs- Interesting Photo- Defeat the Sterotype: Homosexuality- Defeat the Stereotype: Lemons - I'm Back!! - Video!! - What Does It Mean? - Rubber Duckies Arent Kids Toys (On Imagination) - Whats With Goodbyes? - Interesting Photo - short CONTEST - Animal Personality Test -  So you're kind of fabulous

Ten Day Topics: Popularity - Nerds - Swearing - Shy, Brave, and In the Middle - Relationships - Talented - Racial Stereotypes - Public/Private/Home Schoolers - Poor/Rich - "Public" Couples - Secrets - Homework Holidays - Drugs - Media - Tree Hugger - Profile Picutres - Religious Stereotypes - LGBTQ - Boys/Girls - Addiction- Looks - Life - Death - Olympics - Beauty - To Good To Be True -  Who You Are - Mask - Jobs - Hope - School Stereotypes - ME! - Tough Guy (or Girl)

Discussion Count: Positive ducks

Visit any of these topics! They're all steamrolling!

Feel free to post your own discussions! Topics that you want to see other people's opinions on, different stereotypes, anything you like! (Of course, please be respectful and so on.) Go ahead and post!

You guys can post on the discussions as much as you like, like you can introduce yourself as many times as you want, you can post whatever sets you apart as many times as you like, etc. As long as you aren't spamming (posting too many "I'm cool" posts) and you're being respectful, then you can express yourself as much as you like!

I am very free about this group. I'm open to opinions, suggestions, and ideas, so you can post them on my wall and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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