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Discussion began on 11/07/2011

New Contest for November! This is really important!

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    Okay, I'm kind of disappointed. Our first contest ended up having three entries! Three entries! We're still judging, but I need to start the November contest earlier so we can have a better outcome. Our winner of the first contest was supposed to choose the theme, but we have to start, so the winner cannot choose. I'm so sorry to our winner, but I'm sure you understand. Our next theme for all entries is:



    Start right away, we are going to use this discussion for all entries. Please do the following:

    Share the book to the group

    Post the book title here

    Email me at HarryPotterLoversGroup@gmail.com to tell me the name of your entry


    You have to do all of this by the last day of November, I will not give a due date because everybody needs a shared story, a post, and an email sent to me by the end of November. Any Hermione story is allowed and we want a lot of entries! The more, the better!

    Lily Evans and I are the only judges from now on, I'm sorry, but none of the other judges said if they would do it. Besides, Lils and I are on the most and I think it's just better this way.


    Please start right away! Thank you to everyone who entered the first contest, it is very highly appreciated! Feel free to send me an email to ask questions or post questions here! Thanks, and get started!

  • Mockingjay_deathly_hallows Icon-admin Anna Sophia

    Okay, I'm adding the address to my contacts, and I'm buckling down and starting my entry as soon as I get off Figment!

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    Great! That's wonderful!!!

  • When life gives you lemons Icon-admin Yachiru Kusajishi

    Yay! I think that A.S.K and Brittany are also pretty active!

  • Mockingjay_deathly_hallows Icon-admin Anna Sophia

    Ok, I started my story. It's about young, pre-Hogwarts Hermione. Kindergarten, actually. Also, yeah, this is Anna, I just changed my pic.

  • Mockingjay_deathly_hallows Icon-admin Anna Sophia

    Ok, I'll post it on the group books in case you want to preview it, but it's nowhere near done! it's called Witch right now, but that's probably a title in progress. It's not published yet, though. 

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    Thank you!! Lils, tell those two that they are probably doing great! Thank you, guys, for starting!!

  • Mockingjay_deathly_hallows Icon-admin Anna Sophia

    oh, hey, when is this due? Nov. 29?

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  • Mockingjay_deathly_hallows Icon-admin Anna Sophia

    ok. thanks.

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