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Les Miserables (Musical AND book)

A group purely devoted to Les Mis. The book, the musical, your fav actors/actresses, fav songs, fav characters, opinions, ideas, etc. "THE TIME IS NOW! THE DAY IS HERE! FOR YOU TO JOIN THIS GROUP!"

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Welcome all you revolutionaries!

Here at the ABC Cafe we like to discuss thing A LOT (yes, I'm talking to you Grantaire - all those 5 page long speeches?! XP), but today, and everyday, we will be talking about . . . LES MISERABLES!!! Anything about it - and I mean ANYTHING. Les Mis is just so layered we should have no end to the number of discussions we have going!

"Red - a group about to dawn!

Black - the night (of endless no-les-mis groups) that ends at last!!!"

Happy barricades to you! :)

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