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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

Debates on the topic of abortion...or anything else of interest actually. "To believe with certainty, we must begin by doubting."

Discussion began on 05/27/2012

What about china?

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-member acrosstheuniverse1211

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-member acrosstheuniverse1211

    What do you prolifers think about abortions in china?

  • Airplanes Icon-member Lucas Peterson

    They are just as bad as "non-chinese" abortions.

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-member acrosstheuniverse1211

    Yeah but everyone in china will starve without abortions. Including those little new born babies

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    Perhaps a clearer way to phrase the question:

    Is abortion an acceptable alternative in parts of the world where over-population is a serious problem and there isn't enough food, if adoption isn't available/possible?

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-member acrosstheuniverse1211

    Yeah what she said

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-non-member Figment User

    Here's an interesting article:

    I think it's ironic that all these pro-"choicers" support forced abortions in China.

  • Moonintrees Icon-non-member Lady Cirrus

    No one in that article supported forced abortions, and no one on this thread said that they supported forced abortions, Madeline. Unless I'm wildly misinterpreting what I'm reading.

    The way that Sophia phrased the question puts abortion as a humane alternative to suffering and death. And she said "acceptable alternative", nothing about forcing women to do what they didn't want to. Forcing someone into an abortion is the same as restricting access to one: It's the woman's body and no one else's. It's a violation of human rights to force her to do anything with it- whether that be carrying to term or getting an abortion.

  • Img_1339_2 Icon-member Sara-Anne L.

    In China, the government forces women to abort their second children.  I recently read A Mother's Ordeal, by Steven Mosher. It's the biography of a Chinse mother, named Chi An, who was a population control worker. She later moved to the US with her husband and son, and had to apply for asylum to be able to keep her second baby.
    If you're talking about abortion being used as population control, you're talking about women being forced to abort their babies. In China, couples have to get a birth permit before they even try to become pregnant. These are people who want to have children, and if they accidently or deliberately become pregnant without a permit, they are pressured to abort the baby. They are threatened with losing their jobs and being branded as enemies of the State. If they still refuse, the mother is locked in a shed and they continue "persuading" her to have an abortion. If all else fails, they either tie her down and force her to have an abortion, or wait until she goes into labor, kill the baby by formaldehyde injection as it moves down the birth canal, and call it a stillbirth.
    She described a young woman who was found, eight or nine months pregnant, on the streets and (forcibly) taken to the abortion clinic where Chi An worked. The young woman went into labor in the waiting room, and was rushed to a room. As soon as the baby was born, the doctors injected formaldehyde into his brain through the soft spot. The baby started to scream, and one of the doctors said, "He is cursing us." It took the baby boy over an hour to die.
    Even if you're pro-choice, that should outrage you. It makes me furious.
    On another note, I wonder how much of the world's so called "over-population" problems are actually caused by too many people. According to Chi-An, the problems they have in China were caused by the government's bad planning and not enough people working the fields, so the harvest went to waste; not over-population. And it also seems like the other countries where they have famines are countries that have been battered by war. If over population was a problem, wouldn't we have it in the United States? There are 298,444,215 people in this country,  and we can go to the store and choose between fifteen different brands of toilet paper.
    And there are huge amounts of unpopulated land on this earth too. (Just drive through Eastern Oregon)
    I think there are better ways of dealing with poverty then blaming it on poor people's families and forcing them to have only one child.

  • Avatar-thumb Icon-member acrosstheuniverse1211

    I don't know a whole lot about this, and I'm not saying I agree with the way china is handling it's population, but I know that without the one child policy and without abortions China will eventually starve to death. There's already like 1.3 billion people in china.. Look at the bigger picture, at least everyone in china isnt starving.

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