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Ed Sheeran

"I'm like glue, I stick to other artists..." The very first, official group on Figment!

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I'm picky when it comes to music. But being picky with music means there's only room for the best and Ed Sheeran, the guitar playing, rapping, beat boxing, ginger fiend from the UK is most definitely one of the best. 

So, if you have been just as amazed by this one of kind artist, then feel free to join this group. Oh, and don't forget to spread the love!


Group Rules (They're more like guidelines...)

1.) Be honest. 

2.) If someone is being honest, don't insult their opinion. For example, if someone mentions  they like One Direction in the discussions (and I'm sure they will eventually) do not berate them because of it. A band is band and music is music.

3.) No swearing...unless it's something you're really passionate about. Like Ed Sheeran...

4.) If you start an argument, all I ask is that you keep it polite, civil, and back up your argument. Don't just state your opinion and then fail to back it up. You fail in the process.

5.) Um....make sure all quotes are in quotation marks and or cited properly.

6.) How do other people who create groups have so many rules? I barely made it to five!


So, yeah. Have fun and play nice.


Oh! I just thought of an actual sixth rule/guideline! 

6.) If you do happen to be a "directioner" (where do they come up with these things?) please keep your fangirling to a minimum. No death threats, no trolling, no berating someone because they don't like One Direction (refer back to #2), and absolutely, positively no One Direction pornographic fan fiction (which is floating around out there somewhere.) That's just...ew. They're people and I'm sure those five specific people do not enjoy being thought of in that context and we most certainly do not enjoy reading about your fantasies, however twisted and well-written they may be. 

Have fun, lovelies :)



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