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A group for people who are uninterested in 'trading' hearts/reads to promote ourselves; those of us who would love our works to be read and reviewed for the sake of bettering each other's writing.

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Admit it. Self-promotion is exhausting. And the people who swap with you might not even care about your story/poem. You can't even prove they read it. A heart for a heart is no way to see the true potential of your writing. So please, join this group where things work a little differently:

Rather then saying, "Hey, heart for a heart!", here we say, "Here is something I have written and poured my heart and soul into. If you are interested in this genre , I would be honored to have you read it, honestly review it and give me advice, and (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) ONLY HEART IT IF YOU TRULY LIKED IT."  We are a support group! We SUPPORT each other through hard times!

***ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING*** You cannot join this group focused on getting YOUR writings feedback, and YOURS alone. You must be open to others' cries of help. This means, if you are an active member or have time, you must CONTRIBUTE!!!!

A few rules and guidelines:

1. NO swearing or bullying. Do not attack other people's beliefs and lifestyles. This is a topic for sharing stories and getting honest reviews.

2. Try to be a regular so we can really get to know each other's writing style and build one another up! Join in on the discussions, and help people out, please.

3. Forget about hearts for a little while. They aren't as important as writing something exquisite. This does NOT mean you can't accept swaps and such from other's outside the group, but in here, let's keep the focus on the writing :)

4. (THIS IS IMPORTANT) Please encourage giving feedback, and also give some feedback yourself. The more you give, the more you get. I (Admin Tullius) may ask you personally to help someone out if I don't have the time, and if I think you'd be helpful to that person. :) 

5. This group is not for SELF-PROMOTION. You may ask for help, but don't just advertise. Any discussions seen as such will be DELETED or LOCKED by Mods.

6. Have fun! Make friends! Keep writing and improve!


Please introduce yourself in the "Introduce yourself" discussion! Let us know your writing styles, struggles, and favorite reads. Then post your books/poems/etc. Give a brief synopsis. Then tell us what you like about them, and what you want help with or are unsure about. 

I hope this is something other people are interested in! Thank you so much!

Stay classy, 

Clare :) 


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