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Exciting Contests

Do you like to participate in or create contests? Or do you want prompts on a strict deadline to stop procrastinating? This is the place for you! PS: Read and follow the rules!

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Graphic designing credit goes to Μαρία.

Everyone loves to enter small contests and win. So here's the place for you to participate in contests and if you feel like it, you can also post contests on here.

YOU CANNOT ADD GROUP BOOKS ON THIS GROUP. Only the books who win the contests will be added as group books.

If you add your books as group books on here, you will be removed without any notice.


Please read the Rulebook before continuing!

  • Aim: We're growing very fast. And hence, our next goal is 1900 members. A new moderator test will be posted after we reach this goal. 

Please help us with this goal by recommending our group to other figs.

If you have any problems that our discussions aren't solving, you can go to our admins or moderators. They'll help.

We now have a sub-group for Exciting Contests. That group is used for discussions that cannot be created in this group. Here's the link:

We are in a partnership with the group, Cover Designs. Members of Exciting Contests can go there to request covers for their books! Here's the link:


Quick note: While we cannot own ideas or copyright them, we do not appreciate the ideas of this group being copied. So do not copy the ideas/systems we worked hard on developing and do not copy any contest ideas. If we find you copying our ideas (which we will if you are copying), we will report you.

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