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Exciting Contests

Do you like to participate in or create contests? Or do you want prompts on a strict deadline to stop procrastinating? This is the place for you! PS: Read and follow the rules!

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Rulebook Of Exciting Contests!

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    *Every member of this group is supposed to follow these rules. If you're a part of this group, then it's mandatory to follow these rules.*

    A) Here are the few simple rules for the members of this group:
    1. Behave. No cursing too much. No bad-mouthing others' works, no spamming. In short, mind your manners.
    2. Do not start discussions asking for reviews, saying 'hi', or anything else here or on our sub-group. These groups are not for that. DO NOT START NEW DISCUSSIONS in this group unless you have the explicit permission from the admins to do so. But if you want to ask some questions, we have a discussion called 'Questions and answers'. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the group, you can post them on 'Complaints and Suggestions'.
    3. You can self-promote your work in our 'Discussion for Members'. But DO NOT advertise your group in the discussion. Your comment will be edited and any material containing group advertising will be removed without any notice to you.
    4. If you want to chat with other members of the group, or want to start a roleplay or something, we have a discussion named 'Discussion for Members'. Members can comment there!
    5. You can't add any of your books here or on our sub-group as group books. Group books are reserved for the winning stories of the contests on Exciting Contests. The books that are on group books are the ones which have won our contests. So don't add your books thinking its okay to do so. You can't add your books until the admin/s or moderator/s, or the creator of the contest which you have won asks you to do so. Any stories that have won prizes to contests outside of this group aren't allowed to be in the group books.
    6. The group contest entries MUST be new works UNLESS stated otherwise. Your entries will be disqualified if they are old writings on figment. You can't submit already existing stories/poems for any given contest unless you have the explicit permission of the person responsible for the contest to do so.
    7. If a contest is locked, it's either being judged or the winners have been announced. You can't participate in locked contests.
    8. About moderators/admins:
      1) If the members have any complaints, suggestions, or questions about the group which they don't want to post on the discussions here, you can post the question on any of the moderator's or admin's wall and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. But just to be safe and ensure a quick reply, post the question on at least two moderators' wall.
      2) When we feel like we need more moderators, we'll post a Moderator Test in the group. Those who want to be moderators will have to give this test. We'll judge this test and we'll pick the number of mods that we need from those who want to be mods. 


    B) For those who win FIRST PRIZE in any contest on Exciting Contests:

    1. In addition to the other prizes, you'll get to add the story/cover/poem that won the contest to the group books.
    2. You will have to add, "Winner of the *insert contest name here* Contest in Exciting Contests" in the book's details.


    C) Rules for those who want to create or suggest contests:

    1. If you want to create a contest here on Exciting Contests, you HAVE TO ask for our permission to post it in this group, and may only post the contest if it is given. You have to post the request on the discussion, 'Create New Contests!'
    2. You will NOT create a contest in our sub-group. You will create it if we give you permission in this group.
    3. If you want to suggest a contest for this group, go to the discussion 'Create New Contests!" and fill the respective form.
    4. The contests posted on here will be judged by the person who posted it. And if you want, you can ask our moderators or admins for help. If they disagree (which they have a right to) you can ask other members for help.
    5. When you create a contest, the deadline should be at least 15 days to increase the chances of participation. This rule can be broken only if your deadline consists of the number of entries instead of a fixed date.
    6. The prizes of the contest must include comments or reviews. Only hearts or reactions are not allowed.
    7. You have to provide a date when the results of your contest will be up and the results should be up on that day at the latest.
    8. You HAVE TO  follow through with the judging and the prizes of the contest you have created. If you don't follow through, you'll be removed and banned from this group.
    9. You CANNOT advertise another contest group, cover group, cover shop in the forums, or a person who creates covers in the contest. You also cannot ask members to request covers from you. This is considered advertisement where it is not necessary.
    10. DO NOT post the status of the contest such as "CLOSED" or "OPEN" in the title of the contest discussion.
    11. If a contest has been open for more than two months, unless it has a deadline date, it has to be judged and/or closed.
    12. If your contest is not according to the rules stated above, then it will be deleted with a notice on your wall.
    13. All fanfiction-centered contests will be denied.
    14. You may NOT modify your contest prompt without approval of an administrator


    The first time you break any rule, you get a warning. The next time, you get kicked out without notice.

    This rule does not apply to rule of not adding group books. If we see your undeserving book(s) up in group books, you will be kicked out immediately, and you won't be able to re-join the group without an admin's explicit permission. If we wish to, we may give you warning, but we are not obligated to do so.

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