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Critical Review

Join if you want your stories read by people who have earned a "Critic" badge.

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You need 30 reviews to qualify for this badge.  While we recognize that this does not make us editing gods, it does mean that we are dedicated to helping you improve your stories/poems.

CRITICS: Please join and create a message board for yourself.  Tell us a bit about what you like to read and if there's anything we should know about your editing style.  Then, post the link for this group into your bio and encourage people who ask for swaps and/or reviews to follow the link and make a formal request here.

CLIENTS:  Peruse the list of critics in the message boards and choose one that suits you.   Add your story to the Members Books or post a direct link to your story in the appropriate board.    Feel free to return here and tell the critic what you thought of the review.  Tell us how we helped so we can continue to improve.


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