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Novel Writing: The Group

For those writing short stories there is Figment, for those writing novels there is Novel Writing: The Group. A place for support and advice and time for writers to talk about writing behind its back.

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Figment tends to cater to short story writers. But what of those Figgies and Inkies and Wattys that need a place to write novels on Figment? Now there is Novel Writing: The Group. Novel Writing is not just a place for swapping and reviewing. It is a place for novel writers of all shapes, sizes, colors, religons, creeds, genres, writing styles, and hair-dos to talk. A place to talk, not only of writing but of writer's block, computer glitches, plot bunnies, inspiration, and what they had for breakfast that morning. Because when one joins the often lonely and depressing world of writing the said author must communicate with others embarking on the lonely and depressing journey.

Maybe, just maybe, writing won't be so lonely and depressing after all.

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