Guidelines for Figment Posting and Participation

Figment is, above all, a community of writers, and communities run on respect. Treat your fellow Figs with kindness so that any Fig, new or old, feels comfortable using the forums, entering contests, and sharing work.

What is and is not acceptable is obviously a complicated and sensitive issue, and we understand that the appropriateness of certain topics in your writing depends on context and your particular storyline.

Enforcement of all guidelines is ultimately subject to the discretion of the Figment moderators. Moderators can delete accounts and/or any other content on Figment with or without notice.

    Don’t antagonize other users.

  • This includes, but is not limited to: hateful swearing, name-calling, hurtful/negative comments in the forums or on a user’s wall and books, mocking, threats, and bullying. Please keep in mind that some words and phrases might be interpreted more negatively when written than when spoken.
  • Cursing at another user is never permitted. Cursing in the titles of books, the titles of forum threads, group names and group descriptions is never permitted. Such content will be removed at the moderators’ discretion. Excessive, aggressive, or gratuitous cursing in the forums or in books may also be removed.
  • Flaming, or intentionally inciting conflict, is extremely disruptive and such content may be deleted.
  • Racist and/or bigoted content is never allowed. All such content without sufficient context will be deleted.
  • If you have an issue with another user on the site, please contact a moderator. You can find a list of all the moderators here.

    Keep it legal.

  • Discussion of illegal activity and/or the promotion of criminal activity without sufficient context is not permitted and will be removed at the moderators’ discretion
  • Avoid gratuitous sexual references.
  • While sexual references that are contextualized (i.e., as part of a story) are acceptable, needlessly provocative or violent sexual references (whether explicit or implicit) are disruptive and may be deleted with or without warning at the moderators’ discretion. This applies to both written and visual content.
  • Pornography for pornography’s sake is not tolerated anywhere on the site.

    Don’t steal.

  • Plagiarism, or the act of posting another person’s work as your own without proper citation, is not only unacceptable but illegal in certain circumstances, and will NOT be tolerated. Users found plagiarizing may have their accounts deleted with or without notice at the moderators’ discretion.
  • Hijacking another user’s account, impersonating another user, or impersonating a moderator is highly disrespectful and is NOT allowed.
  • Figment operates in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can find our full policy towards copyrighted works here.

    Keep personal information private.

  • Sharing your Figment login info or other personal information (i.e., addresses, phone numbers, etc.) can be dangerous and is highly discouraged. Remember that what is posted on the Internet stays on the Internet.
  • Posting personal information about another user in a public forum is NOT allowed and such content may be deleted with or without warning at the moderators’ discretion.

    Don’t spam.

  • You cannot sell items or post commercial links on Figment.
  • You may not spam anywhere on Figment. What does and does not constitute spam is up to the interpretation of a moderator, but may include creation of multiple threads in a short period of time, whether the content is identical or not.

    Et cetera.

  • Contests: Please refer to individual contests for their specific rules. 
  • Contact Information: Users are responsible for registering for Figment with active email accounts. Users are responsible for all correspondence sent to their registered email accounts, regardless of whether or not they acknowledge that correspondence.
  • Fan Fiction: Fan fiction is allowed. HOWEVER! Be sure to give the original book title and author in the writing’s description. Always give credit where credit’s due.