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The Maze Runner

NY Times Bestselling author James Dashner has the #1 movie in the country! Check out these Maze Runner related stories below.

Animal Rights Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Animal Rights Contest! These stories are all 500 words or less about animal rights activists. Check it out!

Villain Writing Contest Winners

Each Figgie was asked to create a character who was a villain to both their protagonist AND their antagonist. Check out the stories below!

The Rule of Thoughts Winners

Each of these contest winners wrote a story in 1,000 words or less that takes place in their favorite video game. Check out their stories below and let them know what you think!

Skink - No Surrender Winners

Mythical World Contest Winners

Autumn Falls Contest Winners

King Dork Approximately Winners

Winter Writing Contest Winners

March Match-up Tournament Round 1 Winners

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March Match-up Tournament Round 5 Winner!

All the Bright Places Winners

Brandon Sanderson Contest Winners!

Shadow Scale Winners!

Molecules Winners!

Family Expectations Winners!

Off the Page Winners!

Dysfunctional Family Winners!

Halloween 15 Contest Winners

FigmentFiles Contest Winners

Game of Lives Winners!