Looking for a good old animal-fantasy story:)


Posted by venus the daydreamer about 5 years ago

Hey:) Comment if you have typed a good fantasy-animal story *ONLY ANIMAL-FANTASY* and I'll comment on the story and maybe review it:) (And if you'd like you can read my story I'm currently typing:) ) Please note ONLY ANIMAL-FANTASY because I get bored with other stories:/. Preferably wolves.

  1. Axelle_by_loonaki-d4ioemc

    about 5 years ago KristaMarie replied:

    Hey, my book is about werewolves :/ Not sure if that fits into the category. It's called Originals if you're interested :)

  2. Me

    almost 5 years ago Maile Burnett replied:

    I have Zoo in Kadishloo that I bet you'd like, but it's just a short story.

  3. Mills

    almost 5 years ago venus the daydreamer replied:

    Okay!:) I'll start reading both of yours!

  4. Axelle_by_loonaki-d4ioemc

    almost 5 years ago KristaMarie replied:

    Thank you!

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