Help with time jump!

The beast smiling

Posted by Rain7427 about 2 years ago

I'm writing a story that takes place over the course of a school year, skipping Summer. My characters graduate in June and we see them starting college in September. I need help making the transition that works better than "two months later". Suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

  1. Dinosaur

    about 2 years ago Cristobal Rosen replied:

    "The summer went by in a flash of (insert fun things here) and other diversions but before we knew it, it was back to buying school supplies for the inevitable return to school."

    Using something like this could "skip" the summer, but at least give some sense of them doing something during that time.

  2. The beast smiling

    about 2 years ago Rain7427 replied:

    Thank you so much this helps A LOT!

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