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Posted by Desiree Rain over 5 years ago

I have a really LONG story that is in need of reading.
~ Please note: If you are not willing to read the WHOLE thing...please don't comment.~
Its a drama/Romance/Suspense...Its very odd.
Two teens live together due to the idea that their parents are bestfriends and have lived together for years. He loves her but she doesnt really know....hes picked on by the jocks and called crude names homo, Faggot, and other horrid things.
She falls in love with a jock and ultimately ruins her friendship and sets him off... hes had enough of the torment of love and they are all in a run...for their lives.

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    over 5 years ago Alexa Hale replied:

    I'll read it if you want is it here on figment?

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