Posted by Cassie Reynolds over 5 years ago

So, I recently read a book series that - while very good - is a lot like my story, which made me realize how cliche and overdone my novel plot is. I'm wondering - should I move on from modern-fantasy, or look for a way to add originality to it?

  1. Library pic

    over 5 years ago Library of Artiscor replied:

    I say you should look for a way to add originality if it conerns you It does, of course, depend on what you want to do, though.
    If you don't have any interest in other genres, you probably shouldn't do them! Writing is for enjoyment-- it's not something you're made to do with specific guidelines.

    Overall, I guess the thing you should ask yourself is: Do I want to learn to write other genres, or is this my genre?

  2. Hayleymasonandme

    over 5 years ago kristin replied:

    I agree, just add orginality. Also keep in mind that if it's the first thing you thought of, then it's probably the first thing everybody else thought of too. Therefore, always think about what you're doing and don't be afriad to rewrite to add more originality to it :D

    -with love, Kristin Jenae

  3. Me

    over 5 years ago Maile Burnett replied:

    Thirded. And one thing you have to keep in mind is, that while plot lines may be repeated over centuries, no one write's them the same. There are going to be things that set your book apart from others no matter what unless you blatantly plagarize, simply because no two authors/characters are alike.

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