Does posting on Figment make you write more?


Posted by Hannah Carmack over 5 years ago

I just joined and that's kind of how I feel, and I'm curious if the feeling lasts, or if it goes away over time? Now it seems like I want to update chapters once a week, like, on a certain day and be all professional about it, and I was wondering if any other novel writers feel like that on here?

  1. Lonely boat 250 x 250

    over 5 years ago Kasey Coady replied:

    Yes, in a sense. Joining this site didn't make me feel like writing stories or poems any more than I already do, although it did make me feel like digging up, polishing off & publishing some of my work though.

    Where it actually got me to write more was in the forums. I post here a lot more than I ever did on any other forum. What I've seen of the community has been nothing short of fantastic.

    I'd imagine if your work makes you feel good - & others feel good reading it - that feeling should stick around for a while.

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  2. 029

    over 5 years ago Jaxx Capta replied:

    I think it helps me. The other times I've tried to write novels, I always gave up on them and did something else. Those novels (well, except for 1) were never on Figment. Possible correlation, methinks.

  3. Excitedsun

    over 5 years ago Mickey Mouse replied:

    Only because I made a rule for myself that I can't go on Figment on a given day until I've written at least 250 words.

    Now it's a fantastic motivator.

  4. 41e3fbf08a9a9bb3028b0d1ceda29b76

    over 5 years ago Belle Rez Winter replied:

    When I realized people were actually coming BACK when I updated my novel, I started adding almost a chapter a day.

  5. Lighthouse

    over 5 years ago Shawnee Rose replied:

    I write so much more now that my stuff is on the internet. The more comments i get and the more hearts i get, the more i feel the need to update.

  6. Ibelinedited

    over 5 years ago Ibelin replied:

    I would write a lot more, except, from what I can see, nobody reads my stuff. :P

  7. Rainbow stars

    over 5 years ago Elissa Cole replied:

    I DO write a lot more when I post on figment. I think the feedback really motivate me to improve my writing and keep up a steady stream of creativity.

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