Does posting on Figment make you write more?


Posted by Hannah Carmack about 2 years ago

I just joined and that's kind of how I feel, and I'm curious if the feeling lasts, or if it goes away over time? Now it seems like I want to update chapters once a week, like, on a certain day and be all professional about it, and I was wondering if any other novel writers feel like that on here?

  1. Kessavatar

    about 2 years ago Stormlight replied:

    I'd probably write and post a LOT more on Figment, if I felt like people were actually interested in READING any of it.

    As it is, until I've got messages knocking down my inbox demanding the next chapter, I'm in no hurry to post here. It gets updated when it gets updated.

  2. Lonely boat 250 x 250

    about 2 years ago Kyle Coady replied:

    Yes, in a sense. Joining this site didn't make me feel like writing stories or poems any more than I already do, although it did make me feel like digging up, polishing off & publishing some of my work though.

    Where it actually got me to write more was in the forums. I post here a lot more than I ever did on any other forum. What I've seen of the community has been nothing short of fantastic.

    I'd imagine if your work makes you feel good - & others feel good reading it - that feeling should stick around for a while.

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  3. 029

    about 2 years ago Jaxx Capta replied:

    I think it helps me. The other times I've tried to write novels, I always gave up on them and did something else. Those novels (well, except for 1) were never on Figment. Possible correlation, methinks.

  4. Excitedsun

    about 2 years ago Mickey Mouse replied:

    Only because I made a rule for myself that I can't go on Figment on a given day until I've written at least 250 words.

    Now it's a fantastic motivator.

  5. Beautiful-fox-life-art-12

    about 2 years ago Belle Rez Winter replied:

    When I realized people were actually coming BACK when I updated my novel, I started adding almost a chapter a day.

  6. 20130821_165151

    about 2 years ago Shawnee Rose replied:

    I write so much more now that my stuff is on the internet. The more comments i get and the more hearts i get, the more i feel the need to update.

  7. Ibelinedited

    about 2 years ago Ibelin replied:

    I would write a lot more, except, from what I can see, nobody reads my stuff. :P

  8. Rainbow stars

    about 2 years ago Odessa Blackwood replied:

    I DO write a lot more when I post on figment. I think the feedback really motivate me to improve my writing and keep up a steady stream of creativity.

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