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For some it's a dream, and for others it's a generation....

Dance is storytelling for those without words

Two years, maybe two days, possibly 19 years ago you received a letter. This letter told you of a dance academy, maybe your parents were a part of the academy or maybe you have shown some talent in dance. Not all dancers no matter how technical are good enough for this school. Most of the school is a blood line, the original first students have married(most likely with another student) and had a child they have placed in the school due to their ties with the headmaster.

If you have received this letter then it is your time to come to school where your dance talents will be intensified and molded into perfection.

I am Ms. Rshkiv the headmaster, inside you will see your room and interview date along with a schedule for your classes. This is a short and brief note but I expect you to be at school on time in four weeks.

-Anya Rshkiv

The short letter was a small part of the large amount of papers in the letter, either reason for your exceptince you are now in and for the long haul...most likely.

If you don't follow her rules you will be expelled, the rules are decently basic so here are the first ten.

1. No kissing or sex especially with other students.

2. Sexual Relationships are useless in dance, no love just connection.

3. No injuries you will dance sore, bleeding, or sprained unless something broken you dance, and if something is you can kiss dance goodbye.

4. If you are not ready for your dance you can leave.

5. Academic grades are still important, you go to school for 2 days have decent grades.

6. In the Summer you dance everyday for at least 5 hours.

7. No fights or yelling at one another.

8. Talk to your teachers with respect.

9. No one cares about your past you have no excuses.

10. Keep your self together at all times.

Her rules are strict but they keep everyone in balance.

-You dance all week from 5-5 on weekends you attended school and then practice for 2 hours.

Roleplay rules

Ask to join

Troubled pasts my ass

Have variety

Add drama it happened no one can not have a crush it doesn't work.

I will start after 5 characters are posted.

Have fun and don't make me mad.

(* means optional)

Years at the school:
*Two recent dances:

My character

Name: Augustine (August/Auggie) Burea
Age: 19
Years at the school: Since age 4
*Two recent dances: A Halloween comp. won 2nd.

Contemporary comp. won 1st

Crush: Not yet.

Other: He stands at 5'5 and tends to have issues with lifts but has yet to drop a girl.

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  1. Img_3264

    over 4 years ago Takumi replied:

    (May I join with a girl? also, Silly question... Is irish dance included at the school?)

  2. 623855_100002662625562_1447333368_n

    over 4 years ago ∞Infinitly Me∞ (Massie) replied:

    ((LOOOLL I did irish dance for 5 yers but got sick of using pritt stick on my butt, So I swapped to ballet and figure out i have to do it there roo :').. May I join with a femal ballerina?))

  3. Img_3264

    over 4 years ago Takumi replied:

    (haha I still do Irish Dance. It and RPing and fandoms define my life :P)

  4. 623855_100002662625562_1447333368_n

    over 4 years ago ∞Infinitly Me∞ (Massie) replied:

    I seriously dont know how I do somuch and still get so much time on here..

  5. Img_3264

    over 4 years ago Takumi replied:

    (Life's weird like that. Usually it involves putting off homework :P)

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