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Posted by Scookie almost 4 years ago

I'm back for another round of free critiques.

First off, a big thanks to anyone who checks out my blog:

As well as giving followers a heads-up for when I'm going to offer free critiques, it's full of writing and critiquing tips which are perfect for young writers.

A lot of what I say in my reviews ends up as a blog post, so those of you very interested in improving your writing should find it very resourceful. Posting comments and following really helps me out too!

I'm looking to really tear your work to pieces so please tell me why you want my help. Sorry, I can't review everyone who posts and if I miss you out, then grab me at the next critique drive.

Post away!

  1. 161499_516366838_5422221_n

    almost 4 years ago Erika Duan replied:

    Just Winifred, please :).

  2. 27340_100001190169455_9064_n

    almost 4 years ago R A Black replied:

    Welcome back! I've been keeping an eye on your blog for the next update :)

  3. 12195985_1060877817286405_4121253134751320593_n

    almost 4 years ago John Victor replied:

    Read Bloodied Hopes, please :) Preferably the last three chapters! (the first ones are more introductory...kinda)

  4. 1152631630_1024x768_audrey-hepburn

    almost 4 years ago Katie replied:

    Hiya, could you please take a look at flapper girl? Im getting quite into it now, so I'm worried I may be losing that initial 'something' that I had when I started it. Read as much as you would like to, don't force yourself if you don't like it. Thank you so much for doing it, I look forward to having my work ripped to pieces :)

  5. Photo on 2013-02-22 at 8.21 pm

    almost 4 years ago Erika Joseph replied:

    Hi could you please review Community? It's kind of my baby and since it's a dystopian I'm worried that it is going to fall victim to being the same as every other story of that genre. I need someone to tell me if I really am keeping it unique enough (For one thing, there's no way in hell I'm having a love triangle). Currently there's only the prologue, but there might be chapter one by the time you get to this. Thanks a ton!

  6. 4

    almost 4 years ago eleneia replied:

    Could you please check out my novella "Defining Cartesia"? Thanks!

  7. Images

    almost 4 years ago Ash Skyes replied:

    Dandelion and Sweetcheeks

  8. Tumblr_mgyg3opmfx1r232q3o1_500

    almost 4 years ago Jillian Terry replied:

    could you please read the last of many? id love any criticism anyone would give

  9. Whitetiger

    almost 4 years ago A.J. Cypher replied:

    I'd love your opinion on any amount of The Underground that you're willing to read :) You say that you're going to tear things apart, and that's exactly what I need with my first chapter!

  10. Me2

    almost 4 years ago Scookie replied:

    Ok, I'll take a peek at some of these and see what takes my fancy.

  11. Me2

    almost 4 years ago Scookie replied:

    Just to let people know, I'm not picking the first people to post but those I feel either really want help or have checked out my blog (as I said in the first post).

    So I'm still open

  12. 4

    almost 4 years ago eleneia replied:

    @dreamybanana I've checked out your blog many times in the past. I actually like it a lot (but I don't have an account with that blog site, otherwise, I would follow you). ;D

  13. Goldmask

    almost 4 years ago Kye replied:

    Could you please read and review 'Ground Control'?
    It's only short :)
    Thank you so much! :D

  14. Photo13

    almost 4 years ago EbonyBird replied:

    Would you mind taking a look at A Tree, A Cage and Nothing? Thank you! I'm actually considering perhaps using it to inspire a novel, so I'd love to have your opinion on that. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

  15. Me2

    almost 4 years ago Scookie replied:

    Starting: Defining Cartesia

  16. Ghetto-swag-tumblr_242

    almost 4 years ago ElliethePandaQueen replied:

    Read princess of dreams please? I love criticism because it's really the biggest way to grow as a writer. Any harsh criticism is more than welcome :)

  17. Me2

    almost 4 years ago Scookie replied:

    Reviews are ~1000 words and take me well over an hour. This is just a small reminder to only post if you're looking to really break down your opening chapter and build it back up.

  18. Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 5.38.28 pm

    almost 4 years ago Aoife Rosheen replied:

    Would love some more eyes on "The Disintegration of Bridey Lancaster". It's still in the first stages so I need all the help I can get! Thank you so much!

  19. Vintage typewriter

    almost 4 years ago erenjaegerschnitzel replied:

    oooh gosh...I've spent the past couple of years rewriting my story from scratch several times. My biggest concern is that the setting isn't easily accessible by people who aren't me and also that it's boring, ha ha. I've spent so long working on it that, to be frank, I'm a little sick of it and I'm afraid that sense of frustration might affect the reading experience.

    I've been wanting to find some writing blogs for a while now so I'll be sure to check yours out!

  20. Img_2872 - edited

    almost 4 years ago Soley replied:

    Hey, could you read "What's The Deal With The Andrews?", it's only a 5 minute read. Thanks!

  21. Image

    almost 4 years ago Thom Burns replied:

    I'd be particularly interested to hear your opinion on my poems, they're quite short but I put a great deal of effort in them so I'd certainly like to know if you think I could somehow improve my writing. You sound as though you'll give an honest critique so I think I've got a lot to gain from hearing your opinion on them, especially because I haven't heard many people's opinions on my work and I've only recently begun posting here.

  22. Avatar-thumb

    almost 4 years ago Danny Richards replied:

    Hi, If you find the time could you please review my only short story, The Final Interview. It apparently only takes just under 30 minutes to read, but if you can't do that please just read a chapter or so. I created it a while ago and have only recently gone back and edited it so any critique is appreciated. It sounds as though you'll give an honest review and I think that it could definitely aid me as a young writer and help with this story, and future ones.

    Many Thanks

  23. Avatar-thumb

    almost 4 years ago Richard Parker replied:

    Hey, if you could take a look at this poem i wrote called Magic seeds I'd be super grateful, I just feel like I really need as much criticism as I can get or else I'll just get stuck. Idk if that makes sense, but yeah. Thanks.

  24. Mxm forevs

    almost 4 years ago Hilary replied:


    If you would like to, would you take a, look at my novel in progress, My Messed up Life?

    Feel free to completely ignore this message.

  25. Avatar-thumb

    almost 4 years ago Jonathan Headley replied:

    Could you please read the preview of my book Father of Mine? I need a critique.

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