Welcome Random Buzzers!


Posted by Rebekah 9 months ago

Everyone please join me in welcoming the amazing group from Random Buzzers!

Buzzers, WELCOME to our family! Similar to your previous place of residency, Figment offers the same great content, social interactions, and access to authors that you found on Random Buzzers. And now you’ll have an even bigger community of authors and readers to interact with!

Also, look forward to new contests coming this month!

Any questions? Let us know!

- The Figment Team

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  1. Winter elf copy

    9 months ago Angel is actually Lise replied:


  2. Images (1)

    9 months ago Shia F replied:


    We shall feast tonight!

  3. Flower

    9 months ago Aurora Sanders replied:

    Welcome everyone!

  4. Sandycat

    9 months ago Raven Fyrnett replied:


  5. Avatar_71e4cde3e1dd_128

    9 months ago Just Katie replied:

    hello buddies!

  6. New better image

    9 months ago Lexi replied:

    Hi there! Welcome all! :)

  7. Img_0248

    9 months ago Emily Cates replied:

    Howdy ya'll!!! Welcome to figment ya newbies :P

  8. 221201115222400

    9 months ago StalkintheBooks replied:

    I think I'm the only newbie so far. LOL Thanks for the welcome

  9. Champlain conference

    9 months ago Abby Shugrue replied:

    Welcome :)

  10. New better image

    9 months ago Lexi replied:

    No problem, StalkintheBooks! :)

  11. Aria

    9 months ago Aria replied:

    Hi guys! :)

  12. Avatar-thumb

    9 months ago McKenzie Templeton replied:

    We must stick together, StalkintheBooks. You are not alone! :) Thanks for the big welcome everyone!

  13. Goldmask

    9 months ago The Masked Duchess replied:

    Hi guys!
    Welcome to Figment :D

  14. Tumblr_lkk6mm3fkr1qgdt1zo1_500

    9 months ago Sonty V. replied:


  15. 221201115222400

    9 months ago StalkintheBooks replied:

    Yay! McKenzie I'm glad I'm not alone. LOL

  16. Color palette selfie 4

    9 months ago Elise E. replied:

    Welcome new folk to the fair kingdom of Gen/Ran.
    I am General Elise E.
    And this is your official welcome.

    Elise E.'s General/Random survival guide

    Be friendly
    Be funny

     photo tumblr_lr3ajwJWKl1r17tqto1_400.gif

    Don't be scared to get a little silly

     photo MLP-Pinkiepoisonjokedance.gif

    Be your self, even if it is embarrassing

     photo tumblr_lv3dn798eE1qmf6ws.gif

    Don't bring up religion, abortion, sexuallity, or polotics, until you are a regular

     photo tumblr_lm8vs1oaeZ1qb2td9.gif

    Don't debate for a wile

     photo 134179663328.gif

    And when all else fails

     photo download.gif

    We'll always be here for you

     photo fLGnYKn.gif

    to brighten you day

     photo VqIA2t7.gif

    And remember

    We're all mad here

     photo lunatic_twilight_2_gif_by_fim_derpy_hooves-d4cym93.gif


  17. 221201115222400

    9 months ago StalkintheBooks replied:

    I'm giving this thread a bump so other Random Buzzers can find it.

  18. Image

    9 months ago Chey O'C replied:

    why, hello there c:<

  19. 1488128_10201724946908726_991224718_n

    9 months ago Anne (Queen of Snow Fairies) replied:

    Well, hi there!

  20. Tumblr_lkk6mm3fkr1qgdt1zo1_500

    9 months ago Sonty V. replied:

  21. 221201115222400

    9 months ago StalkintheBooks replied:

    Best GIF ever Sonty!!!

  22. Alannaclaire

    9 months ago Alanna Claire replied:

    Hello!!! Welcome to Figment! :)

  23. Piano picture with flowers

    9 months ago Kayle Noelle replied:

    Hi I am a Newbie! So excited to be here! LOve the community, everyone seems friendly!

  24. Profile picture

    9 months ago kas is actually kas replied:

    Listen to Elise and you all will be fine.

  25. 1e870fe7-57d1-402a-8b3e-edb3f7b8b55a(2)

    8 months ago Kitsune replied:

    Welcome to figment, random buzzers! I hope you like it here!

  26. 1117645_842435374_56494978_n

    8 months ago Nikki Renee Washington replied:

    hey im a newbie..i was orginally on the site random buzzers and now im here

  27. Huggingspencer

    8 months ago avery hates bands replied:

    Hello! Welcome to figment :)

  28. _photo_qmvncetfoxn6_294x470-preserve

    8 months ago Galinor replied:

    Hey, thanks for the welcome. :)

  29. Angel

    8 months ago Cassandra D. Orwell-Schmidt replied:

    Would you like to join the third wave?

    Just kidding. I'm not starting that up now.

  30. Crazy selfie

    8 months ago Allison Rose replied:

    Welcome, Buzzers! Please try to make yourselves at home here - I hope your migration will be worth it. :)

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