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Posted by Deserae McGlothen over 6 years ago

I wanted it out there that I will read almost anything. Almost. Check out my profile for more info and follow the link below to read my review policy. The comments below are mainly edits to this, but I think this post will clear everything up.

Thanks! Can't wait to see your stuff.

Deserae McGlothen

P.S. NO. You do not have to read anything of mine. I'd actually prefer if you didn't. But it's up there because you guys put yourself out there for people like me to see and critique, so it's only fair that I put myself out there for you in return. I make mistakes too and my writing is nowhere near perfect, but having another set of eyes is always helpful. :)

P.S.S. That was a long P.S. BUT I wanted to add that if your novel is REALLY long, I might only get through a few chapters before reviewing. Okeydoke. I'm finished. Pinky swear.

P.S.S.S. Here's the link you need to follow. See? You were listening!


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  1. 7.5

    over 6 years ago Katsumi Heika replied:

    Please read anything of mine =) Thanks!

  2. Me3

    over 6 years ago Deserae McGlothen replied:

    Okay. I lied. I HAVE RETURNED.

    Because here's the thing: I'm really big on directions. So in case you guys DON'T head to my profile...

    I need the title of the project and a brief description. I won't read it if it doesn't peak my interest, so here's your chance to show me it's WORTH A READ. Also, the reason I direct you to my profile is because I need you to know the genres I read and don't read--- the conditions of this arrangement. I *want* to read what you've got. So PLEASE make it easy for me by just reading everything I provide for you so you can follow the directions and I can find you guys more easily.


  3. Me3

    over 6 years ago Deserae McGlothen replied:

    Also (yes, that's like my new favorite word), if you want to know if I've seen your request, check out my blog's Figment Reviews page. There, you will see the cue and where your project falls... NOTE: being up there does not guarantee review. I will check out the project, consider whether my guidelines were followed, and take a look at the first chapter. If I decide to review it, you'll get a message from me guaranteeing review within a certain time period.

  4. Photo

    over 6 years ago Kaitlyn W. replied:

    Would you mind reading My story Hard To Believe? Only the first Chapter is up, but it's kinda long. But I need someone to review it. if you have the time could you please readit?

  5. Writing-dontgiveup

    over 6 years ago Alyssa Ricigliano replied:

    Erm, if you can find the time, please read either "Defenseless, We Will Stand" or "The Letter End". Thanks! =)

    Defenseless, We Will Stand: After a run-in with Cretak's infamous Lieutenant General Karill Satul, Zaya Pyrek is captured and forced into servitude for the enemy. Struggling to adapt to a new culture of power, wealth and corruption, Zaya must plot her escape without becoming a pawn in Karill's secretive plans. With a bitter war looming, will she be able to escape Cretak's treacherous walls? Or will she be seduced by forbidden love?

    The Letter End: A series of short stories inspired by prompts and pictures sent in by you lovely Figgies! Most feature Kaura Mason, a 19-year-old girl trying to navigate love, life, and the supernatural, fantastical oddities of her hometown of Ashland.

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  6. Me3

    over 6 years ago Deserae McGlothen replied:

    I don't mind reading, but all requests must be left on my profile page where I can find them.

  7. Photo

    over 6 years ago Lydia Albano replied:

    Hey, is there anyway you could review a bit of my story Esmeralda? If you can, I'd really appreciate it. :)

  8. Img_9788_2

    over 6 years ago Angela C replied:

    hey so i commented on your page and requested a review

  9. Photo

    over 6 years ago Lydia Albano replied:

    Sorry, I forgot to say: My story is a Romance/Adventure(/Serial) about a Marie-Antoinette-type-situation where the rulers were kicked out of the palace, the king/queen killed and the one daughter left to rot in a prison. When she gets out she has a few "loose-ends" to tie up (in the form of revenge), and accomplishing this involves betrayal, love, secrets, lies, a masquerade ball, assassins and all sorts of random stuff.
    :D I'm not really all that great at promoting my stuff, as you can see- descriptions just aren't my forte.

  10. Cover forever silenced

    over 6 years ago KaterinaS replied:

    I have one paranormal (I know you don't like it, but I swear it has nothing to do with werewolves or vampires) and historical fiction (civil war era) :)
    edit : oh sorry, going to your profile page right now

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  11. Wolf howling

    over 6 years ago Åɳɳḭε replied:

    Could you read Lilith en l'Air (it's kinda realistic fiction, not sure how to explain it exactly)? And only if you want, Leap of Faith (slight romance I believe) please. Thank you! ^___^

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  12. Noneofyourshit

    over 6 years ago Mei Below replied:

    Read any of my stuff:) I really only have poems up right now....

  13. Catherine2

    over 6 years ago Katherine the Great replied:

    Please read Knotted Mangroves. It's the story of a paranoid boy who lives on a swamp in Louisiana with his emotionally unstable older brother and his sister, who has cystic fibrosis (which is made worse by her brothers' nicotine addictions.) The three are wanted by a company called Axion Industries for reasons I have yet to reveal (it's a work in progress.)

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  14. Brown crystals

    over 6 years ago Krystal Swarovski replied:

    anything of mine besides the poetry (i would prefer 'slices of pie' but it's very long).

  15. 019

    over 6 years ago Carlene B. replied:

    Please read anything of mine! There's one in specific I'd like you to read and you'll see which one :) Thanks.

  16. Lanvin

    over 6 years ago Elyse Hill replied:

    Please read my FIRST story entitled Haute! it'd mean the world to me since I'm new to this site. Only two minutes long (: thanks so much!

  17. 587a

    over 6 years ago Claire Marielle replied:

    Anything you want!

  18. Santacruzme

    over 6 years ago Trina Elisabeth replied:

    Sure. I'd really appreciate a review/comment on Who You're With if you have time/like that kind of story :) Thanks!

  19. 408943_288636124573641_1893649524_n

    over 6 years ago Anon Y. Mouse replied:

    i'd really appreciate any hard critique. i think i need it lately...just got over writer's block...
    reading guidelines now.

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  20. Profile

    over 6 years ago Stephenie Cole replied:

    Hey! My book's called "Mission: Love". Read the prologue. If like it go onto the other 2 Chapters...! I would really appreciate some comments about it!

  21. Tumblr_mkzpchoako1qzr04eo1_500

    over 6 years ago . replied:

    Can you please read No Respite? Thanks :)

  22. Meeeeeeeee

    over 6 years ago Lillian Cooke replied:

    Could you please read my biggest story, called "Unspoken"

    Unspoken: It's about a 12-year-old girl who can't talk because she watched her parents get killed when she was nine. This one might be slightly classified as "tough stuff' but is more distopian. The girl (named Serenity) lives in an orphanage and gets bullied by the kid there. The head of the orphanage is called the Master. The Master's nephew (Tirion Nitescale) comes to the orphanage as a new doctor. He meets Serenity and tried to get to know her more because he feels a connection to her.

    Another thing you should know is that I have really bad grammar. I am planning on going through all of my stories and revising them and fixing grammar mistakes one of these days. If you review anything, just be aware that I know about those kinds of mistakes.

    I hope I followed your rules well enough. Thanks!

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