End of Figment Legal Cover Giveaway - THREE SLOTS LEFT


Posted by The One And Only 29 days ago

Hey everyone!
To make the most of Figment's final month online, I've decided to create six more covers for those who may be needing them (for personal use, other writing sites, self publishing, Underlined, etc.,). I'll be closing this temporary shop on January 30th, the day before Figment's last, so be sure to claim your spot as soon as you can if you'd like a cover.
All covers will be legal (copyright free) and free of charge!

1. Naomi Folletia - Jewl (delivered)
2. Haley Kissell - In The End (delivered)
3. Kayla Amaro - The Scientist Who Was Supposed To Die (delivered)
4. (available)
5. (available)
6. (available)

Post your story info below to claim one of these spots! (You may only request for one story.)

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  1. Magic fox profile legal with name2

    25 days ago Naomi Folettia replied:

    Hi! :D I've been struggling to get a cover for a high fantasy story I'm working on. But I don't have complete skills to get it completely legal. Thank goodness you're here! So,

    Title: Jewl

    Byline: No byline

    Tagline: No tagline

    Synopsis: In a time before modern Earth, there was a time of Mages and magic but which were forbidden. There is one girl, Sarah Adian, whose happy life is turned upside down when her two most beloved brothers get taken away to become soldiers for the Kingdom. Her father died years ago in an accident and they were like her father figure. From depression for losing her sons to the Kingdom, her mother falls ill and dies soon after. But Sarah finds she is not alone. She discovers her hidden heritage which may well be a forbidden occupation passed down from her father. With the coming darkness, it seems she has no choice but to become a Mage even though she may never get to see her brothers again.

    Idea: Sarah has very long thick auburn hair which is messy and curly (think Merida from Brave). My idea is for Sarah (wearing a cloak of whatever color) holding out her hands in front of her (palms up), looking straight at the camera determined. Fiery-colored light swirls are all around her and a ball of orange light in her hands. There's a large diamond on a necklace around her neck. Her hair is billowing behind or around her, and the diamond on the necklace is lifting up with the same fiery-colored swirls coming out of it. Oh yes, she's 16 but has a baby face.

    If you can't get the hair to billow around, at least include a diamond necklace and auburn hair because those are the two important elements in the story. In terms of background, as long as it's not modern (such as buildings or technology) or animals anything is okay. Even some blurry abstract mush (in this case, preferably green).

    Finally, just go all-in high fantasy vibe and make it as epic as you can. If that means more sparkles, it's fine with me :P Thanks in advance!

  2. Haley_propic[1theoneandonly]

    21 days ago Haley Kissell replied:

    Thank you so much for doing this! Your covers are literally amazing!

    Title: In the End

    Byline: We All Have a Choice

    Author name: Haley Kissell

    Synopsis: The usual deus ex machine hero vs. radically insane villain is a bit played out - but what if they were switched? The masked hero is known simply as: Hellbender. However, he's more of an anti hero. he goes about things violently and according to all the criminals he's tracked down who've lived, he's undeniably insane.

    The villain's name is Jade Stranger, she's known as the ghost killer, and she's fully aware she's next in line for Hellbender's killing streak. She doesn't care though, she's certain he'll never find her. She has a web of doubles and plays with peoples lives to benefit her own.

    Ideas: something dark and creepy - Deathnote or black mirror vibes. Maybe shattering glass?

  3. Magic fox profile legal with name2

    17 days ago Naomi Folettia replied:

    hi :)
    Left a comment on your wall. Just in case you look here before you look there :P

  4. Magic fox profile legal with name2

    16 days ago Naomi Folettia replied:

    Hi. Thanks so much for the cover! And sorry for bothering you again. I left two comments on your wall. It's about cover size and how to credit you.

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  5. Kayla_pro

    11 days ago Kayla Amaro replied:

    Thanks for offering to do this! I love your covers!

    Title: The Scientist Who was Supposed to Die

    Byline: What you know could kill you.

    Author name: Kayla Amaro

    Synopsis: One afternoon, Paige Evans meets a mysterious man at the cemetery where former millionaire Walter Livingston is buried. Determined to find answers to her questions, Paige starts an investigation in which she discovers who the mysterious man at the cemetery is, how Walter died, that a year of her life had been spent living a lie, and the classified operation that connects everything together.

    Ideas: Maybe a man in a trench coat (the coat is important) and a woman running. This book is full of action and it is very mysterious. Maybe something with grey or foggy hints to denote the mystery...

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