The National Day on Writing Presents: Ask Authors Your Questions!


Posted by Rebecca Gordon about 6 years ago

As part of our ongoing celebration of the National Day on Writing (October 20!), Figment, the New York Times, and the National Writing Project are all running interviews with our member writers. Famous journalists, novelists, Figs like you—they’re all sharing their secrets with us this month.

Those writers are also taking your questions!

Just post a question below and make sure to note whether you're addressing the question to a specific author (ex// @AuthorName) or to the authors as a whole (ex// @Everyone). We’ve also posted links to their original interviews below!

From Figment:
Barry Lyga
Anna Quindlen
Holly Blackwood (Fig user)
Deepshikha Sharma (Fig user)
Nick McLellan (Fig user)
Click here to read Q-and-A’s with all these authors.

From The New York Times:
Fernanda Santos
Simone Bridges
Jeff Delviscio
Margalit Fox
Dennis Overbye
Michael Luo
Pete Thamel
Click here to read Q-and-A’s with all these authors.

From the National Writing Project:
Leslie Goetsch
Valerie Hobbs
Ashley Hope Perez
Donalyn Miller
Click here to read Q-and-A's with all these authors (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Looking for more National Day on Writing activities? Submit a piece for the "Why I Write" festival, or the New York Times’ "Inspired Lives" feature, and keep a lookout for awesome “Why I Write” posts from Figment staffers!

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  1. Sans

    about 6 years ago E.A. the Juggernaut replied:

    Whoa. :U This is amazing.

    @Everyone-- Who or what is your inspiration?

  2. Tardis

    about 6 years ago (vanished) replied:


    I've been asking authors one question every time they appear on figment. I'd really appreciate it if you answer. Here it is:

    How many grapes fit up the average human nostril?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. _1335992452.65292_937

    about 6 years ago Roberta H. Shapiro replied:

    This link isn't on the top yet for the search "How many grapes fit up the average human nostril?"


    All four of the top ones are Figment XD

  4. Pretty deer

    about 6 years ago Eliza Jane replied:

    Journalists: After your weekly story is written and you've been handed a new assignment, does it ever get repeptitive to get on a new story every week? I'm a journalist at my school and I always groan after press day because I have to start something new. How do you get yourselves motivated to plunge head-first into your new story?

  5. 408943_288636124573641_1893649524_n

    about 6 years ago Anon Y. Mouse replied:

    @Samantha What I did sounds lame, but I just re-read some of my favorite works (the one's that makes me jealous because they're so good XD) and that inspires and pushes me to write better; I kind of assessed what they did and put it into my writing, realizing my mistakes. It actually worked...

  6. K

    about 6 years ago K.A.E replied:

    @ Everyone...

    How do you work writing into your lives?
    I often find myself without any time to write, or if I do have the time, I am not in the "zone". I am tired, or worn, and so I end up going for months on end without writing. That makes it hard to get better and hard to get anything done. How do you manage this?

    Any tips or advice?

  7. Christmas

    about 6 years ago FollowYourDreams replied:

    What are the best and worst things about the publishing process?

  8. 9.5.11 upload 340

    about 6 years ago Brianne Moore replied:

    @Everyone: How are you able to finish your projects? When the flow just stops and you're stuck in a rut, how do you push through to the last page?

  9. Dgtd

    about 6 years ago deepshikha replied:

    @Barry Lyga:
    Do you draw inspiration for your stories from real life issues or are they mostly products of your imagination?

  10. Julia

    about 6 years ago Julia The Chameleon replied:

    Why do you write? What inspired you to write?

  11. Me at graduation dinner (2)

    about 6 years ago Kiana Porter replied:

    @Everyone How did you get yourself noticed and your work out there? Did you ever feel like your writing wasn't good enough?

  12. Sans

    about 6 years ago E.A. the Juggernaut replied:

    @ Everyone-- Do you try to challenge yourself, or write what you know?

  13. _mg_7621

    about 6 years ago julliah randolph replied:


    writers block. we all have it. How do you deal with it?
    what got you interested in writing? did you start in the same field of writing as you are in now?
    what is the hardest thing about writing for you?
    what was trying to get published like? How many publishers did you go to before you found success?
    how do you push yourself to improve as a writer? do you have any tips for us writers who are just starting out?
    And most importantly, do you like Nutella?

  14. 49848_100001483127782_1750453455_n

    about 6 years ago Wyatt Jaymes replied:

    I take a break when I get it and sometimes ideas will come as i'm taking a break. A Science dictionary did. Yes. Descriptions. I just keep telling my self you can do it! Yes I do. One is never give up, which is probably the main one. And never doubt yourself. I don't know. I haven't tried it. Is it good?

  15. Chandelure_by_sterlingcynder-d3btdtu

    about 6 years ago Mækir Vilemist replied:

    @Everyone, is it wrong that I am drawn to pushing the rating limits of my works?

  16. Sam_0063 square

    about 6 years ago B. D. Legan replied:

    @Barry Lyga
    How big is your comic book collection? I've been told mine is much too big. And why do people think comics are so nerdy?! They're not!! *pushes thick rimmed glasses further onto nose* ;)
    And can I gush about how epic I think you are? *begins to gush*

  17. Solar

    about 6 years ago Leah B. replied:


    - What are your thoughts on the new digital book revolution?
    - When writing, how can you tell if you're "forcing" a plot point to work?
    - Name two underrated and one overrated.
    - If you could live in any fictional land, where would it be?
    - What was your biggest mistake when you first started writing?
    - Do you think that female authors still have a hard time being taken seriously in the literature world?
    - What is one book that you can never read too many times?

  18. Suitcase-books-e1441042015106

    about 6 years ago The Writing Rose (original) replied:

    @Everyone what keeps you going when you're writing a story? Is it the amazing ideas your coming up with? The adrenaline? Reading for inspiration for hours until you feel blind because of reading so many lines? What?

  19. Fullsizerender

    about 6 years ago Aurora Sanders replied:

    @Everyone: How do you outline?

  20. L136_laurel

    about 6 years ago Cassy blue replied:

    @Deep Why'd you delete the smelly cupboard of time? Sorry had to ask.

    @ fig users- How do you pick yourselvs up after losing a contest

    @fig users- main inspirations?

  21. Camera 11-14-10 139

    about 6 years ago Steel replied:

    @Everyone: What is the best way to formulate a valid, interesting plot?

  22. Isupport

    about 6 years ago Kimberly J replied:

    @Everyone- When did you first know you wanted to be an author?

  23. Images

    about 6 years ago Pherisphena Ladea replied:

    @Everyone: How do you get the momentum to write?

  24. Epic

    about 6 years ago Boston Bramlage replied:

    hi i

  25. Audrey2_pink

    about 6 years ago M. Smith replied:

    @Everyone: How much time do you spend writing on average?

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