Read something from the author above you ;) -Open Forever!-


Posted by TJ about 6 years ago

Some of you may know how to do this... some may not. I've seen these around and I thought it was a cool way to swap.

Just read something from the person that commented above you. Simple. Lets keep this going! I'll be the first.

The person that comments below this will read something of mine and then the person under them will read something of theirs, and so on.

Come back as many times as you like!


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  1. 49848_100001483127782_1750453455_n

    over 4 years ago Wyatt Jaymes replied:

    "An Unlikely Love" Please.

  2. Banksy, dorthy

    over 4 years ago Jessica Tahoe replied:

    I don't have this posted on figment so I'm just gonna post it here and if you could leave your critique on my wall that would be great. I don't want you to tell me that its good. I need mistakes and ways to make it better. Thanks:

    Every individual writer has their own unique way of using language to create and manipulate mood. Some do it to make the reader feel simply happy and joyful as if they are at the beach, while others make the reader feel dark, sad, and uncomfortable. The setting within a story plays a big part in creating the mood and the feeling. In the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher”, Edgar Allan Poe uses dynamic language to create a mood when describing the room. Poe’s description creates a setting full of gloom and sorrow. This setting is both a reflection of the mood within the story as well as Poe’s own mental state.

    There are many examples of Poe’s dynamic use of language. Many of them seem to be foreshadowing death and despair. For example, the windows are described as “long” and “narrow” (Poe 305). Through the use of these words, the reader feels uncomfortable, as though the room is inescapable and it makes the reader feel trapped. Furthermore, Poe describes the “black oaken floor” (Poe 305). Through talking about the charcoal color of the floor Poe is leading the reader into the haunting past of this dark room. Lastly, it is said that there is “encrimsoned light” coming through the “trellised panes” (Poe 305). The color of the light once again foreshadows the same outcome. It makes the reader imagine the color of blood. The deep, dark, red of pain and death that Poe may feel within himself.

    In addition to words that foreshadow death, Poe’s description of this room seems to be describing his own blackened heart. It is said that there are “dark draperies” within the room, hanging against the walls. This makes the reader think of what state Poe might have been in when he wrote this story. It makes whoever is reading the story think about what darkness might have rested within Poe’s heart. Moreover, Poe talks about how the furniture is “Profuse”, as if there is so much space but no one to fill it (Poe 306). The use of the word “profuse” suggests that within his own life, Poe does not have very many people that he is close to. It is as though all of the empty furniture represents the empty space within his heart. Finally, the room is described as if it has no “vitality”. The room is completely lifeless and Poe gives the reader the sense of a sort of soft, depressing failure and sadness.

    Throughout the description of just this gloomy room, Edgar Allan Poe creates a mood. His use of dynamic language develops a setting full of gloom and an “atmosphere of sorrow” (Poe 306). His language definitely does not foreshadow a happy fairy tale ending. This whole atmosphere predicts a tragic ending. It also foreshadows an evil presence within the house. Poe’s writing is amazingly unique and also has quite a dark air about it. Ultimately, through Poe’s language the reader of his story enters a world full of darkness, where there may not be an escape.

  3. Images

    over 4 years ago TJ replied:

    Anything would be good :)

  4. Fus1380

    over 4 years ago D. Claire replied:

    Read (and PLEASE heart) "judgement" !

  5. Tumblr_mhhfdreba01ql2603o1_500

    over 4 years ago Karen Kat replied:

    Hikari, please.

  6. Michaelandi

    over 4 years ago Val Hamilton replied:

    I have already read that one, so I shall pick something else :)

    And Damn Day or Life's Whisper for me.

  7. Avatar-thumb

    over 4 years ago Ezekiel Hill replied:

    'An Empty Thing' if you will.

  8. Images

    over 4 years ago TJ replied:

    I got Ezekiel.
    Read whatever you want :)

  9. Benedict-cumberbatch-as-drunk-sherlock-holmes-in-bbc-sherlock-season-3-episode-2-the-sign-of-three

    over 4 years ago Lorissa replied:

    This seems fun. Someone please read You're Hurt, thanks!

  10. D60fbcc9jw8e8adafhsfdj20e80e8aak

    over 4 years ago Carrie Soltner replied:


    Next person, please read 'Human By Nature' OR 'A Poem for Gumiho'. Thanks!

  11. Image

    over 4 years ago Celestine replied:

    I would appreciate it if 'Ephemeral Events' was read. Thank-you!

  12. Image

    over 4 years ago Caroline Hart replied:

    First chapter of Burst, please

  13. Katie

    over 4 years ago Teagan R replied:

    However much you feel like of either "The Gyrfalcon Queen" or "God Has Not Favored Me".

  14. Webangiephoto

    over 4 years ago Angela Caldwell replied:

    Chapter One, Please

  15. Webangiephoto

    over 4 years ago Angela Caldwell replied:

    Emma what would you like read

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