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    How Could I

    A short poem I thought of. It's from a young, shy boy's perspective. He's in love with a girl and wants to let her know how he feels,…

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    By me. a short story. enjoy

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over 4 years ago astronaut said:

figmentGIF Hey! I just entered this story ^^^^^("Letting Go") in a short story contest, and I'm in DIRE NEED of hearts. PRETTY PLEASE COULD YOU HEART IT?! The contest ends in a couple of days! Help me get in the top 10! Sorry if you already received this message, and THANKS A BUNCH!


over 4 years ago Ashley Nedu said:


Would you be willing to swap with me? I'm trying hard to get my work out there and I have only been on figment about a week.

I am positive almost every one else's dream on here is to be published but yeah. That's my dream. If you would like to swap would you please read Her Savior Her Tormentor Her True Love, or Brandon's Story.

I am grateful for all my hearts/follows/reviews/comments. I always keep my word and if you follow me I will follow you back. If you don't swap I apologize and you can just ignore this post.


over 4 years ago Arianna said:

Hi, I'm Arianna. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my book "The Illicit Love". I'd also like to read one of your stories if you like. Thank you!


almost 5 years ago Rachel Head said:

Hi if you had the chance could you read my story "Take me home" and comment/heart if you think it's deserved! In return I'll read anything of yours!

Also sorry if I've already asked you!


almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hellooooo beauty! May I ask for 3 mins of your precious time? I'm in a contest, my very first contest, so I'm trying to get as much recognition as possible. Please read "Vengeance is Never Sweet" and I will forever be grateful. My intentions is not to ask for a swap, but if you insist, I will gladly read any of your pieces (that's under 5 mins and not an entry for the seventeen magazine contest tehe xD). Thanks so much.

Keep writing and stay classy!!


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I Wish

(over 4 years ago)

Wonderfully worded and paced. I have no criticism for this piece. I love the emotion! Wow! Lovely. Read More »


(almost 6 years ago)

Nice Gabe, very good Read More »