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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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  • Byanyothersmallcent2
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    By Any Other Name

    **Rough draft** Jeanette Louis is considered by all to be an angel in disguise. Mature, confident, witty, social, well-bred-- Jeanett…

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  • Scarletrunner
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    The Scarlet Runner

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* Soldiers Greene and Henry tried to run from the War. They were caught and given scarlet capes- the si…

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  • Mansioncover
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    End Of The Street

    A random bit of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. It's not about a particular place, just kind of a general feeling I get from abando…

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  • Existenceofelsie
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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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  • Goodguycov
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    The Good Guy

    First place in the Justine Magazine contest! Thank you so much to everyone who liked it so much that they gave it a heart! You're all …

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Talk to me!


about 9 hours ago Isabel Filippone said:

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Glamour 3 copy

3 days ago Adelyn said:

Ah! I didn't catch that it was based on seasons. I love that! Well, either way I'm excited to read them when you get the inspiration. And it was my pleasure, really, to read all that true tales. It's an engaging and well written story. I still haven't come across anyplace where it drags!

Yeah my google chrome always auto-fills my figment profile so I think I almost missed seeing my own novel on the home page. I hardly ever check what they have posted! I also have cover ADD. I like playing in photoshop and needed a new cover for Wattpad since I wanted to make sure my covers didn't offend any copyright laws...not that anyone would really check but better safe than sorry.

Are you still doing ballet? How is that going?


8 days ago Katie said:

Hey Cassie, I just saw your review of my story and thought to say thank you, I would read something of yours so I took a look at The True Tales of Robin Hood :) Thanks again for taking time out to read my story.

Glamour 3 copy

9 days ago Adelyn said:

See... that would be the problem of only using Wattpad. You only get head pats and and praise from readers who don't know better. Then certain people can get swelled heads over run-of-the-mill writing. Here on figment we aren't afraid to tell each other "Hey! You can do better! WE can be better!"

There are plenty of mature authors who gladly accept criticism on Wattpad, but to play it safe I've mostly kept my comments general. I've only left specific feedback when people have directly asked for it, or if they seem like a mature person!

Glamour 3 copy

9 days ago Adelyn said:

Ah! That makes my heart sing!

Yeah I commented and followed a bunch of people and was super active for a couple weeks so I think I have the ball rolling now! The interesting thing about Wattpad is that it is mostly readers, like 90% readers. The writers are vastly outnumbered so it is more geared towards readers and helping readers share stories. I love Figment, but it is truly rare that someone stops by your stories and reads them without asking for a swap (my wonderful figgie friends aside!!).

But I would never leave figment which is all writers. I love the feedback/community I get from other writers on figment and I don't expect to find that on Wattpad. If you want your writing to grow leaps and bounds but be read by a select few, choose Figment. If you want your work to be read by the masses with less in-depth feedback, choose Wattpad. I think being on both will be a lot of upkeep but it's the best of both worlds!


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