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    A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*

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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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  • Byanyothersmallcent2
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    By Any Other Name

    **Rough draft** Jeanette Louis is considered by all to be an angel in disguise. Mature, confident, witty, social, well-bred-- Jeanett…

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  • Scarletrunner
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    The Scarlet Runner

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* Soldiers Greene and Henry tried to run from the War. They were caught and given scarlet capes- the si…

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  • Mansioncover
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    End Of The Street

    A random bit of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. It's not about a particular place, just kind of a general feeling I get from abando…

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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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Talk to me!

Glamour 3 copy

about 9 hours ago Adelyn said:

Yay! I love the new icon!

Okay, yeah I was not expecting the vampire thing. I knew something bad was going on but it was like what the woah!

And the stitches... I should not have watched that episode during lunch... that skeeved me out so bad!

I wish I cared more about Jaha but for some reason I don't like him. I think I don't like Isaiah Washington. I knew him from his days on Grey's Anatomy and I didn't like his character then AND it didn't help that he left the show on bad terms. I think he just left a bad taste in my mouth so I have this weird, undeserved bias against Jaha.

Yet I root for Kane...something is wrong with me. I watched the preview and he is trying to ruin all my shipper dreams and I'm just like NO! THIS IS JUST A SETBACK!

Raven needs a cyber leg ABSOLUTELY! Like 1,000,000xYES!

NANO TOMORROW! I'm so scared! I've been planning feverishly but I'm terrified that tomorrow I'll sit down to write and nothing will come out!

Here is a link to my playlist. I'm tapping into my inner teen.

Seeking light

about 20 hours ago Headintheclouds said:

So glad Figment has privacy settings. I might do that with FP too. Looking forward to reading 'The Price'.

Can't believe NaNo starts on Saturday! Are you ready? I'll be sure to check out your stats from time to time to see how you're doing. Love watching those word counts soar. It's inspiring :)

Glamour 3 copy

1 day ago Adelyn said:

Yes! You should probably watch episode 2x04 because Greer was all "I want to see if we can have passion" to Castleroy... and there. was. passion!

Which I am SO on board with because he is such a silver fox!


2 days ago Katie said:

Oh, I hope you're feeling better now :) and seriously, don't worry about reviewing. I've so much more reviewing I want to do on your piece compared to how much you've already done for me, so I'm glad to be returning the favor.

Good luck with Nano, hope you reach your goal! I'm too awful at finding time to write, so I admire all of you who can do it. Good luck and expect some more reviews soooon :D

Seeking light

3 days ago Headintheclouds said:

Hah! Same. Although mine's not a second draft. I have to finish what I started the last 2 Nanos. Still plugging away on FP.

Are you going to publish the 'Price' on figment? I think I remember you telling me it was a bit of a romance. I hope you'll eventually let me read it :)

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The Sixteenth Kiss

(4 days ago)

Ch17 This chapter was cool! I love that we get more Yorick and more magic. His knowledge of the vial and the spells just makes me want... Read More »

The Sixteenth Kiss

(14 days ago)

Ch16 *wiggles eyebrows at Reyn and Ludvig* “Benedickt hungrily scanned the parchment, memorizing major features. A major river tha... Read More »