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  • Lovefortunecover
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    Outside the Fortune Tent

    My inspiration quote: “She wasn't interested in telling other people's futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.” …

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  • Northwindcov
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    The North Wind's Bargain

    Nordt and Osta stumbled across the remains of a bandit attack, and Nordt decides to offer the soul survivor a second chance at life as…

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  • Gildedcov
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    The Gilded Age of false lives and hidden darkness. The Gilded Marriage of an heiress and her liar. The Gilded Friendship of unrequited…

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  • Mcmcover
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    (For a contest.) A nameless boy waits in a dark room as a pair of massive doors slowly open. What's on the other side?

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  • Heartstringcov
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    A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*

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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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about 1 month ago Rachel Rauch said:

Because the NaNoWriMo group is basically dead, I'm planning on deleting the group. It was really fun while it lasted. Thank you so much for your interest though.

America singer

5 months ago Ava Snow said:

Hi Cassie! I hope everything is well. I haven't talked to you in so long. Did you finish seeing OUAT. I haven't. Im trying to catch up the last season.(The one with herc and hades) Oh well :D I was wondering... ARE YOU DOING NANOCAMP?

Rachael 01

7 months ago R. E. Durbin said:

That's okay. I think I did it. Just clicked on the Google+ link. *crosses fingers* We'll see what happens now. :D

Rachael 01

7 months ago R. E. Durbin said:

Hey, how do I follow you on your blog?


9 months ago Adelyn said:

Is it good? Bad? I haven't watched any of it yet but I SO want to. I could never get into the version with Audrey Hepburn so I'm not sure how that bodes for me.

I did start watching Dikensian from the BBC and the first episode was really good!

I was gearing up for a big OUAT rant but then I kept forgetting to write it, but here's my beef with Season 5:

1. Sloppy Writing. So many times during the season I was just like "Really? REALLY?" Like losing their memories again. And when Rumple is fight Bearida and she's about to kill him and he picks up something (maybe a rock) off the ground, throws it her, and she just turns back into a girl. Belle rushes over and is all "How did you know she would turn back into a human?" and Rumple actually goes "I didn't." WHAT? That is way way way to convenient. No. No. No. As a writer I don't except lazy writing like that.

2. Contradictory Plots Holes. Okay, here's the big one and it's the crux of the entire season. The rules of magic have completely changed. In the early seasons it was made clear that there is light and dark magic, but it was essentially the same thing, it was just what you chose to do with magic that made it light or dark. Regina who uses dark magic was able to train Emma in her light magic so we know light and dark are two sides of the same coin. This also meant that it was a persons choices that made them evil — not magic. That was why Regina could be redeemed in the first place. She had a very clear redemption arc and Hook too! The first four seasons were all "You're evil, Regina, but you don't have to make yourself the villain. You can choose good!"

And then this season, a switch flipped when they put the dark magic into Emma and the magic started whispering in her ear and influencing her decisions. What happened to the whole your choices make you a hero/villain thing? It wasn't convenient to the plot, and Emma would never willingly choose dark magic to solve her problems because it went against all the principles they set her up with in the beginning. So tell me OUAT writers, does dark magic make the villain, or the choice to use it? You can't have it both ways because if the first is true then can Regina really be trusted since she has an extensive history using it?

Boom! Rant over!

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The Etiquette of Tea.

(over 1 year ago)

Pg31 Ugh, Robert, sometimes you can be such a dumb-dumb! :P Just assuming that she likes you! Ha ha, now he’s got a little bit in com... Read More »


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