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    The Gilded Age of false lives and hidden darkness. The Gilded Marriage of an heiress and her liar. The Gilded Friendship of unrequited…

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  • Thepricenewcovmaybe
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    The Price (Excerpt)

    Nadia, orphaned by the first Vigilant Men uprising, is taken in by Mr. Lennox, an ominous man with a vision to create the most stunnin…

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  • Mcmcover
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    (For a contest.) A nameless boy waits in a dark room as a pair of massive doors slowly open. What's on the other side?

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  • Heartstringcov
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    A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*

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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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  • Byanyothersmallcent2
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    By Any Other Name

    **Rough draft** Jeanette Louis is considered by all to be an angel in disguise. Mature, confident, witty, social, well-bred-- Jeanett…

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Christmas santa 1962 - copy - copy

1 day ago Linda D said:


Yes, the little cold awakening to skiing in Canada for my dad and I, first time out of Australia, was a true event. I had a tear along the seam of one finger on my glove, and had mild frost bite. No permanent damage, but it peeled for about a week and I had no finger prints for a while on that finger.

Glamour 3 copy

1 day ago Adelyn said:

DUUUUUDE! So much to catch up on!

The 100:

I couldn't believe that Clarke basically admitted she was in love with Bellamy. His face when she said that thou... ripped my heart outta mah freakin chest!


I hope you've watched Sunday's episode because Lord Grantham just about laid down the law on Miss Bunting (Finally). She was being so seriously awful to him. But I loved how he is like "I know you young kids all think I'm a stubborn, old-fashioned, crotchety, Lord but I still have decades of learning on you all!" then he goes and decides to make better use of his land than building cheap houses. You go Lord Grantham. No one messes with you, your wife, or your dog.

And what happened to Tony!? I've always liked him. I've preferred Charles mostly but I thought Tony was coming around to the 20th century! But instead he sleeps with Mary and gets all possessive and like "well you have to marry me now."

I was just so shocked by that.

Agent Carter: You have discovered my new OBSESSION! I am beyond obsessed and so in love with that show. Peggy! And Jarvis! And Sousa! And Angie! And Stark! I'm in love! I'm in love and I want to punch the patriarchy in the face!

Rachael 09.2

9 days ago Rachael Durbin said:

No worries. I think you're doing an excellent job writing in details. :D

Rachael 09.2

9 days ago Rachael Durbin said:

You're welcome. I enjoyed reading it. :D

So a combination of themes, eh? I like (a lot). Good use of history and imagination. I tip my hat to you for doing so. *tips said* And again, good luck in the contest.

Glamour 3 copy

9 days ago Adelyn said:

AHHHH!!!! WHAT EVEN! I LOVE THE PICSPAM! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It's so perfectly the mood I wanted for Carols and Courtship! And all the photos are so wonderful! I've tried to make picspams before but they have never turned out as good as that! After the insane week I have been having, this totally made my day! You are literally the best ever!

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The Etiquette of Tea.

(3 days ago)

Pg 26 Aw, their little banter is so cute. :) I really want an apple turnover now. Oh no, Cindy! Ha ha! Pg27 “Unlike Penny... Read More »

The Dragonfly Girls

(8 days ago)

Ch11 I think Sessy should have a sense of panic around her when she realizes she’s tied up. Like having her movements more frantic, he... Read More »