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  • Existenceofelsie
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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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  • Goodguycov
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    The Good Guy

    First place in the Justine Magazine contest! Thank you so much to everyone who liked it so much that they gave it a heart! You're all …

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  • Evil spinning wheel
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    For Sale: One Evil Spinning Wheel

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* When an evil queen dies what's to happen to all her dark belongings? It falls to the heroes to clean …

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  • Theimprints2
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    The Imprints

    Word limit of 25 words. Describe the scariest creature you can. I've got a thing against creepy mannequins that move in the dark.

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  • Autograph
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    Autograph From The Past

    For the Starstruck Flash-Fiction contest. An autograph from a dead author. What more could you ask for?

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  • Potionkeepercov
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    The King's Potion Keeper

    An excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel of 2012. Ismay, the lone surviving member of her clan, has lived uncounted years in the mountains a…

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Talk to me!

Figment profo

5 days ago Julia Warner said:

Hi Cassie,

Thank you so much for the in-depth review on Seller of Skins! I'm amazed by how much you noticed; often I worry that in my attempt not to be too obvious I end up becoming overly cryptic, but it seems like you picked up on all the little hints. :) Haha, I keep hearing the "was" comment; at first I didn't even realize how frequently I used it but now as I go back and reread my writing I see it popping up everywhere! Oh well. There is some editing in my future for sure. At least now I'm catching the impulse and fixing it as I write... I hope. xD

Glamour 3 copy

9 days ago Adelyn said:

I put that up just torment you... not really but you should read it;)

Also, I'm still not caught up on OUAT at all. Should I? I totally ship Captain Swan but I don't know if my feels can take it.

Glamour 3 copy

18 days ago Adelyn said:

haha it arose out of a humorous conversation between a King and Queen and their son who has tried and failed thirteen times to waken sleeping princesses with the proverbial "true loves kiss" and his parents are worried because how else is a fairytale prince going to find his true love?

It'll play off some fairytale stereotypes and such but a major theme will be finding love without magic kisses and glass slippers and really long hair.

Glamour 3 copy

18 days ago Adelyn said:

1. Okay, at the end when he tells her he still has/always will have feelings for her, her face says it all. The only reason she sends him away, tries to help him escape the castle is because she knows she won't be able to help herself around him. She says it's to keep the King from killing him but it's just as much self-preservation from herself. Ahh! If there is any trope I love more than others it's childhood best friends that eventually fall in love.

2. I wasn't originally planning on doing Camp Nanowrimo but I had a dream last night that inspired a story that I just have to write now! Or at least start writing. Oh my gosh I have never been inspired quite like this! *heavy breathing* My head popped off the pillow this morning and I was just like, this has to be written down. Now the ideas just can't stop...and they won't stop <<

Australia trip zoo 2012 132

19 days ago Rachael Durbin said:


There's no need to apologize. I understand completely. I hope you've a great Camp Nano in April. Have fun. :)

God Bless, Rachael

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Rise and Fall (Book 1)

(18 days ago)

Chapter 13 Lots of usage of the word 'now' in the first paragraph. While describing her changed physical appearance, describe from... Read More »

Rise and Fall (Book 1)

(21 days ago)

Chapter 12 I like the pace of the scene where she's practicing on the dummies. I like how you describe everything very matter-of-factl... Read More »