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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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  • Byanyothersmallcent2
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    By Any Other Name

    **Rough draft** Jeanette Louis is considered by all to be an angel in disguise. Mature, confident, witty, social, well-bred-- Jeanett…

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  • Scarletrunner
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    The Scarlet Runner

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* Soldiers Greene and Henry tried to run from the War. They were caught and given scarlet capes- the si…

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  • Mansioncover
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    End Of The Street

    A random bit of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. It's not about a particular place, just kind of a general feeling I get from abando…

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  • Existenceofelsie
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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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  • Goodguycov
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    The Good Guy

    First place in the Justine Magazine contest! Thank you so much to everyone who liked it so much that they gave it a heart! You're all …

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Talk to me!

Girl with glasses black and white arms in hair staring profile maybe enhanced cropped with rae name white and cat round corners

about 8 hours ago Ruby Rae Daniels said:

Hello!!! Hi. I just wanted to say that I love your profile picture. Okay, that is all.

Have an awesome day!! :D


Glamour 3 copy

1 day ago Adelyn said:

Can we please have an episode where all Hook and Emma do is binge watch Netflix in their pajamas? Like, "Regina can you handle the latest snowball rampage? Hook has never watched How I Met Your Mother and they just put all the seasons on Netflix."

Also the casting of Anna is perfect. She is so adorkable and I want more of her! Although I am a little unimpressed that they picked up the Frozen storyline right from where the movie left off. I am loving it, but I expected a bit more from the writers. I like how they took disney characters but gave them story lines inspired from the originals but still very new. But I can understand the logic since Frozen might attract new fans to the series.

I'm so excited for the sorcerer's apprentice! Apparently there are a bunch of hidden mickeys in one of the episodes.

Who is the Knave? I haven't been keeping up with casting news for this season??

Also, it has to be The Brothers Grimm!! There are times when I think this show couldn't get any cooler, and then it does. It so totally does.

Glamour 3 copy

2 days ago Adelyn said:


Glamour 3 copy

6 days ago Adelyn said:

Okay! I will do Nano IF AND ONLY IF I can finish The Sixteenth Kiss by the end of October. Eeep! I love shiny new projects!

I can't wait to read The Price. That sounds like a million dollar idea! If you want to publish and need a beta reader, I would be MORE than happy to help you out!

Glamour 3 copy

7 days ago Adelyn said:

Thanks for the comment on chapter 4!

Also, I haven't read the Grisha trilogy. It's been on my list forever but I still haven't gotten to it and every time I check the library they don't have the first one in!

I can't decide if I want to do nano this year. I have a few novels I really want to write but I can't pick which one. I don't know what I want to write, Cassie. Two are fantasy novels. Two are Sci-Fi (I mean what the heck? I've never written Sci-fi before let alone read any sci-fi! But I have a character who needs a novel) And one is freaking contemporary which is so weird that I want to write a contemporary novel!

Are you doing it?

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The Button Corps

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