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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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  • Byanyothersmallcent2
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    By Any Other Name

    **Rough draft** Jeanette Louis is considered by all to be an angel in disguise. Mature, confident, witty, social, well-bred-- Jeanett…

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  • Scarletrunner
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    The Scarlet Runner

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* Soldiers Greene and Henry tried to run from the War. They were caught and given scarlet capes- the si…

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  • Mansioncover
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    End Of The Street

    A random bit of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. It's not about a particular place, just kind of a general feeling I get from abando…

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  • Existenceofelsie
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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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  • Goodguycov
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    The Good Guy

    First place in the Justine Magazine contest! Thank you so much to everyone who liked it so much that they gave it a heart! You're all …

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Glamour 3 copy

about 20 hours ago Adelyn said:

Ahhh! I cannot handle all the awesomeness right now.

Did you see the Robots of Sherwood episode? I totally thought of you when I watched it. I'm loving this season and the new doctor but if he calls Clara fat one more time I will PUNCH A BRICK! Episode 4 was like poetry from start to finish. Like I will repost everything on tumblr doctor who ever.

And Downton...I can't even. Maggie Smith is a treasure! I totally forgot who I am shipping in this show but I'm sure I'll figure it out again once it starts up!

I can't wait for more of The 100! In a similar vein I have been watching Arrow season 1 on netflix and my husband and I are HUGE fans. I think he actually likes it more than me because of all the action.

Ripper is in my que right now but I already have too many shows right now... *sighs* THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD TV IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!


5 days ago Katie said:

No problem, I'm only repaying the favor you've done me :) and besides, it's really good and I'm enjoying it. although please don't feel you need to keep reading my story. If it's not your thing or you've lost interest, it's fine to stop reading it. I don't mind, so please don't feel you have to! I'll try and be back soon for more of true tales, and thanks again for being a lovely reviewer because your reviews are always so helpful and constructive :D

Glamour 3 copy

5 days ago Adelyn said:

YES! I just saw it and it was adorable! I cannot wait for this season, like gimme it now! Just give it to me!

Butterfly apple

6 days ago Linda D said:

Yes, I've added, and updating, hopefully once a week now that I'm writing it again. It's hot of the press, so any critques would be welcome.

Butterfly apple

6 days ago Linda D said:

Thanks for the Congrats. I'm having fun with that story.

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(about 4 hours ago)

Ch38 In the first paragraph there’s a lot of sentences starting with “I” which makes it sound a little list-y. Might want to change up... Read More »

The Sixteenth Kiss

(about 4 hours ago)

Ch12 I like that Grielle’s gang is totally blazé about Yorick’s powers, like they’re so used to them. And then Benedickt is like “Wuuu... Read More »