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  • Lovefortunecover
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    Outside the Fortune Tent

    My inspiration quote: “She wasn't interested in telling other people's futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.” …

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  • Northwindcov
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    The North Wind's Bargain

    Nordt and Osta stumbled across the remains of a bandit attack, and Nordt decides to offer the soul survivor a second chance at life as…

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  • Gildedcov
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    The Gilded Age of false lives and hidden darkness. The Gilded Marriage of an heiress and her liar. The Gilded Friendship of unrequited…

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  • Mcmcover
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    (For a contest.) A nameless boy waits in a dark room as a pair of massive doors slowly open. What's on the other side?

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  • Heartstringcov
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    A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*

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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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Talk to me!

Glamour 3 copy

5 days ago Adelyn said:

Props to you for reading the giant tome! I'm not sure if I have the stamina to tackle it. You'll have to know if it's better than the show, though. Then I might really have to give it a go.

The fairy gentlemen would NOT make for a good dream companion! I have weird enough dreams as it is, I don't need him showing up with those long fingernails!

I've been watching the Musketeers and Ripper Street a la BBC and they both are seriously amazing! SO SO GOOD!

Also, don't stress about getting those chapters back to me! I've been Beta reading a friend's full second draft so I'm a bit behind on reading yours (and everything)! I'll get to it soon though!

Glamour 3 copy

6 days ago Adelyn said:

Ah! I love that headcanon! I can totally see it. I've only watched the first few episodes as I can find them online, but it is SOOOOO GOOD! I cannot handle it! I want to write and read all the magic things now!!

Also, I totally thought about tweeting that video to Maggie, but I never did:) I saw her share it on twitter and it made me so happy! They need to get a hurry on with that movie!

Glamour 3 copy

12 days ago Adelyn said:

haha! No worries at all! Adulting gets in the way for me too. It always seems to heap on at the same time. Hopefully there is plenty of fluff in the chapters I sent you:)

BTW I love that GIF of Kit Harrington. He looks like he's about to cry in EVERY picture I've ever seen of him. I have no idea what his character is like in Game of Thrones but if he is a weepy boy/man then the casting is perfect.

Also, I'm totally watching Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and HOLY COWS it gives me all the Grey London feels!!

Glamour 3 copy

24 days ago Adelyn said:

Honesty Time: Jeremy Irvine would make the perfect Sean Kendrick and Eleanor Tomlinson is Puck Connolly. I cannot contain my love for this book. Seriously, Maggie Stiefvater reminds me why I love writing!


27 days ago Ava Snow said:

What name do you like more... André Nathaniel Louis Drake Bastian

I want something french and royal but i don't really like Louis... if you have any other name you like please say so. Impute is surely welcome :P

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The Etiquette of Tea.

(3 months ago)

Pg31 Ugh, Robert, sometimes you can be such a dumb-dumb! :P Just assuming that she likes you! Ha ha, now he’s got a little bit in com... Read More »


(4 months ago)

Ch56 Love the light moment when she and Leopold laugh over her climbing down to fetch a handkerchief. Uhoh, Roman walks in on thei... Read More »