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  • Scarletrunner
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    The Scarlet Runner

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* Soldiers Greene and Henry tried to run from the War. They were caught and given scarlet capes- the si…

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  • Mansioncover
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    End Of The Street

    A random bit of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. It's not about a particular place, just kind of a general feeling I get from abando…

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  • Existenceofelsie
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    The Existence Of Elsie

    **Excerpt of a Work In Progress** Dr Luke Danes takes on the case of Elsie Bauer, a girl with extreme paranoia. She claims to hear whi…

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  • Goodguycov
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    The Good Guy

    First place in the Justine Magazine contest! Thank you so much to everyone who liked it so much that they gave it a heart! You're all …

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  • Evil spinning wheel
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    For Sale: One Evil Spinning Wheel

    *Bewitching Flash Fiction entry* When an evil queen dies what's to happen to all her dark belongings? It falls to the heroes to clean …

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  • Theimprints2
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    The Imprints

    Word limit of 25 words. Describe the scariest creature you can. I've got a thing against creepy mannequins that move in the dark.

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Talk to me!

Glamour 3 copy

5 days ago Adelyn said:

GAH! Boys are the worst! I hated when that happened. In hight school, I felt like any guy I liked all of a sudden started dating another girl. Then again I always seemed drawn to emotionally unavailable men/douchwads.

Me at every dance ever:

I mean what are men compared to rocks and mountains? Oh wait...

Glamour 3 copy

12 days ago Adelyn said:

Regency AND fantasy? I'm sold!

Glamour 3 copy

13 days ago Adelyn said:

yes! Apparently I need to see Howl's Moving Castle. I couldn't find it at the library since they only alphabetize their massive DVD collection by the first letter so you have to check every DVD that starts with H to find the movie you want...OH THE HUMANITY.

ALSO... that website is amazing! I've done a lot of worldbuilding this nano which is fun. I tend to worldbuild as I write, peppering in details as I need them to explain things. I jot down the generalities in my outline but I like to leave some of it up to whim.

I think you might be excited, I've also worked into my outline the option for a spinoff for your favorite little wizard Yorick! I totally started visioning him as looking a little like Jasper from the 100. I blame you!

Glamour 3 copy

13 days ago Adelyn said:

YES! I can't wait to see them all in costume!!!! Gah I can't wait for this next season!

Glamour 3 copy

22 days ago Adelyn said:

What do you think of the casting of Anna and Kristoff!?

I've never seen either of them in anything so I have no prior expectations!

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of Key and Stone

(about 1 month ago)

Ch5 I'm not sure if I'm down with changing the POV five chapters in. It could be fine, I'm just uncertain about it at this moment. ... Read More »


(about 1 month ago)

Ch26 Heh heh, I love how Aron's treating the rightful heir to the crown like his gofer. :P I admire her for wanting to clear the ai... Read More »