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  • Lovefortunecover
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    Outside the Fortune Tent

    My inspiration quote: “She wasn't interested in telling other people's futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.” …

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  • Northwindcov
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    The North Wind's Bargain

    Nordt and Osta stumbled across the remains of a bandit attack, and Nordt decides to offer the soul survivor a second chance at life as…

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  • Gildedcov
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    The Gilded Age of false lives and hidden darkness. The Gilded Marriage of an heiress and her liar. The Gilded Friendship of unrequited…

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  • Mcmcover
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    (For a contest.) A nameless boy waits in a dark room as a pair of massive doors slowly open. What's on the other side?

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  • Heartstringcov
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    A star in the heavens falls in love. *Was for a contest.*

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  • Onelastbow3
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    One Last Bow

    Day 5 winner of the "You Look Different in Real Life" flash-fiction contest. The word limit is 150 words. A ballerina faces her retire…

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Talk to me!

Glamour 3 copy

7 days ago Adelyn said:

OMGOMG! I CAN'T EVEN! Those are perfect for Benedikt and Grielle. Who are these adorable actors? I LOVE the photo edits though! Thank you so so so much!

I have started editing the first chapters of TPGtTLK and it's getting me all excited for it all over again!

I'm not gonna lie, Antari Lilah crossed my mind! But seriously:

She literally stole the show in ADSoM. I'm so glad she is on the cover of A Gathering of Shadows and I'm dying for Pirate Captain Bard funtimes.

Glamour 3 copy

7 days ago Adelyn said:

Goodness! I don't think I would be able to handle it if they canceled The 100- but I definitely don't like having to wait that long.



8 days ago Markham S. said:

You're welcome :D I really enjoyed reading Wildwood's Wife, it's one of the most interesting stories I've read here on Figment.

Glamour 3 copy

17 days ago Adelyn said:

NO apologies necessary. I need to decompress all my stress from that second episode in gif form. I also totally love that you called Rumple a jabroni. I've been watching It's Always Sunny with my hubby right now. I've never seen it before.

I still can't decide what was hotter: puppy Hook being taught how to Jack Sparrow or Hook's bed head after Emma tackles him.

I was so mad she copped out and didn't say I love you there. I'm actually not even sure why she didn't. I think the writers just wanted those last moments of the season to be really emotionally charged. I saw spoilers that said there was a special Captain Swan first in the finale so as it was winding down, I was worrying it would be something awful or it was someone messing with the fandom.

But overall, this is how I am used to the OUAT season finales making me feel. I want all the cries and all the feels and these episodes delivered. If I was a real Outlaw Queen fangirl I might be upset that they still left so much of that unresolved, but I don't really care because CAPTAIN SWAN FOREVER!!!

Glamour 3 copy

17 days ago Adelyn said:

Oh man! Captain Swan rules the finales. I swear... I was on the edge of my seat like "No one had better mess with my babies!!" And ahhhh I'm so excited for next season. You know Hook is going to be guarding that dagger like a momma bear guards her cubs.

I have so many new all-time favorite moments, I can't even decide:

Emma and Hook having yet another meet-cute.

New Hook being adorable and useless.

Emma teaching Hook how to use a sword.

Their "separation".

Emma's single tear when she's talking to Regina about Hook.

Then there was the reunion. THE REUNION!

Emma snuggling Hook in the middle of granny's.

Then we get the first "I Love You"



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The Etiquette of Tea.

(about 1 month ago)

Pg31 Ugh, Robert, sometimes you can be such a dumb-dumb! :P Just assuming that she likes you! Ha ha, now he’s got a little bit in com... Read More »


(3 months ago)

Ch56 Love the light moment when she and Leopold laugh over her climbing down to fetch a handkerchief. Uhoh, Roman walks in on thei... Read More »