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    Calamity Six

    STORY IN PROGRESS :D Afano is a seventeen year old boy working to keep a roof over his and his mother's head. Afano's mother is a cou…

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I am the alpha here

over 3 years ago ~{The Dark Light}~ said:

Ps. I just realized that you previously asked me for a swap, and I never responded! *facepalm* I'll be reading 'Calamity Six'

I am the alpha here

over 3 years ago ~{The Dark Light}~ said:

Hey. :) I'd love it if you wanted to read my piece "Wolf Girl" or at least the first few chapters, and maybe give me a comment. If you want to swap with me, then, obviously, tell me in the comments. Thanks! :D



about 4 years ago Wolf said:

read forgotten midnight pls


about 4 years ago ambi said:

Whoops, I'd forgotten about that. I fixed it now, and you won't need an access code. I await your review with bated breath.


about 4 years ago Cassidy Roberts said:

I would be happy to swap with you. Could you please read "Flying Below Radar"? I would like some feedback as well. Thanks in advance!

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Two Bloods

(about 4 years ago)

This was good to read but it had alot of errors and errors can take away from how good the story is. Here are some of the errors I found ... Read More »