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  • Czech_daybreak_ii_by_tomsumartin
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    Tea Leaves

    © Finding your own place in the world can be hard when you have no one to help you.

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  • Inthefieldsonceforgotten-cover
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    In the Fields Once Forgotten

    © The depths of the forest hold mystery and wonder but farther beyond may hold the largest mystery of all.

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  • Off_road_by_gilad
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    Where the Road Ends

    © What brings the most pain is what you try to hide from others but there is always some shown behind a stony expression.

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  • Ajai2-cover
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    © You struggle through life, loss, love, and much more. The question is; who can take it, and who can't?

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  • Lost expression-cover
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    Lost Expression

    © Art is the gateway to the soul, life, love, and feeling hides within the panels of the paperwork.

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  • Walkonwater-cover
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    Walk on Water

    © Life and loss, love perishes; and somewhere along the way, your hope does too.

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about 3 years ago Tibby Kay said:

Good afternoon (morning, night) how are you on this fine (terrible, all right) day?

I am going to do something phenomenal, ask you, dear figmenter, for a swap.

Okay, not that astronomical, but better than spam, right?

If you concur with this insanely original idea, please read Angel of Despair, and give whatever reaction you deem fit. It is for the Brandon Sanderson contest, so keep in mind hearts are what wins. But, I'm not looking just to win the competition, I also want to win your heart. So don't give it unless you think I deserve it.

After you have read my short story please, leave a comment on my wall to tell me what to read.

Danke schoen for reading this, and I'm very sorry if I ruined your day. Ttfn, ta ta for now!


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over 3 years ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:

Want to leave your own mark on Cover Contests' homepage? Click here to find out more!

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over 3 years ago ♥Felicia K. said:


over 3 years ago Avalon Nightwick said:

Hello, my name is Avalon Nightwick and (along with many other teens on and off this site) I am an aspiring poet. I currently have a few published on my wall, and would very much appreciate it if you could take a look and send me some feedback, as I would like to improve my poetry and one day become published. If you do not do free reads, I understand, but thank you anyways.


over 3 years ago Allie said:

Hi, I've been away awhile and was wondering if you'd like to swap?...If so please check out (I Miss you rabbit, silly me) & let me know what I can check out for you :)


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The Place That I Will Always Call Home

(over 4 years ago)

I thought this was cute, yet not at all plausible. You see I moved from the west to east coast when I was youngish as well so I felt like... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

I really love your cover for this! And the story was pretty amazing too, there were a few things that distracted me but not anything to ... Read More »