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  • The world we remeber
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    The world we remember

    Amelia lives in the Somnium forest, a place no mortal could ever enter. She was born there, raised by the beings known as "Sperare", a…

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  • Beneaththewaves
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    Beneath the Waves

    *GOAL 100 HEARTS* Have you ever felt like something was missing? Jenna's 'thing' is slipping from her fingers, and she wants so badly…

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  • Another one
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    Another one

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  • Christmas s.j bouquet
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    Christmas cards can't fix this

    * GOAL 50 HEART!* COVER BY:S.J Bouquet ***************************************************** Eliza has lived with her foster pare…

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  • Annette
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    Annette is a little girl, with a deadly touch. PLEASE LET ME REACH TEN HEARTS!

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  • She__s_a_killer_by_bylaauraa_large
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    To be away: A crime poem

    This is a poem about a young girl, comitting a crime. Murdering a man that had abused her constantly. This is my first poem that was p…

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Talk to me!


almost 5 years ago Rose said:

Could you please read my story "Little Flower"? I will gladly read something of yours if you want. Hearts are appreciated, and thanks for your time.


almost 5 years ago Halena Sparks said:

This isn't a comment asking for a swap so don't worry. I know you said no comments but I couldn't resist commenting. You said you were chasing wabbits... people at my school call people at another school "wabbits"... sorry I was just wondering what kind of wabbits you were talking about. Sorry if I bothered you and if you think I'm weird then feel free to ignore. But really wondering what wabbits you mean. Thanks :)


about 5 years ago Melissa Rose Thompson said:

I am a high school student who dreams of being a writer someday. I'll be going to college soon. I am entering a contest and REALLY could use the prize money. Could you please swap or at least read and heart my story "Wasps"?


about 5 years ago Alexandra Edwardson said:

Hi wanna swap? It would mean a lot if you could read "Over Hot Chocolate" for me. It's in desperate need of hearts and I'll read anything of yours in return. Thanks :)

Coatilian 2010

about 5 years ago Midnight Kiss said:

Hey! Heart based contests are going to be the death of me and this is my first one; however, it ends tonight! AHH! So would you like to swap and help me out? I’d really like to have the chance for the judges to read my piece and only the top 30 are read and I’m not there yet. I need 90 hearts to make it there. If so could you please read my story “Clear the Name” and I’ll read any piece of yours in return just comment on my wall with which one. Thank you! :) If I've already asked you I'm terribly sorry, it's hard to keep track!

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My Reviews

An All New Sound

(over 5 years ago)

Hello there! I'm doing my end of the swap and I just wanna say: THIS WAS GOOD!!! My only suggestion would be to make not sound so "... Read More »

Tears of my Life

(over 5 years ago)

I really love it! My only suggestion is to describe the apocalypse that came onto the city. Can you please heart "Beneath the waves"? ... Read More »