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Chamiso forest

3 months ago Kerry Justine said:

PS, the previous comment was in reference to your short story entitled "Conquering the World One Joke at a Time" and we are hoping to read that story in the study of character development.

Hope to hear from you soon, Kerry

Chamiso forest

3 months ago Kerry Justine said:

Hi Katie!

My name is Kerry. I am a community educator in Colorado, which means I teach young people & teenagers for free, outside of school, in ways they want to learn.

Right now, we are learning about writing and elements of high quality stories.

One awesome part of our reading is that we are looking to read other young people's stories.

I read this story and I think it is so awesome.

I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing this story with me, specifically just to use for a short story workshop on February 28 with young people.

We would read your story to talk about characters and character development.

Please let me know if you are interested in sharing for this purpose.

You can e-mail me at kjmillen@gmail.com. I'm a real person, I promise!

Thanks for sharing your amazing writing, Kerry

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4 months ago Ellie Williams said:

NOTE: Apologies if you don't like group advertisements. I'm just trying to get the word out and mean no disrespect. Feel free to delete this message if you're not interested.


5 months ago Leighandra Paige said:

Hi there! Do you enjoy reading/writing poetry? This is the place for you! “A Poet’s Corner” offers all things poetry, including contests, swaps, daily prompts and much more! I’d like to invite you to join this group, if you aren't already committed to another. Feel free to invite anyone you would like! There is currently a contest right now, the prompt is Space, and it ends tomorrow morning. Hurry up, join, and enter before time's up! :) http://figment.com/groups/29778-A-Poet-s-Corner


5 months ago Elizabeth Taylor said:

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