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about 1 month ago Camillia Rose said:

Hey! Interested in a swap? If so please take a look at Josephine and I would be happy to return the favor! Thanks!


about 1 month ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read When Bluebrids Fly. I would like if you comment or reviewed and heart if you like it. Thanks, and have a nice day!



about 1 month ago Sarah Wise said:

Hello would you like to do a swap??? I just started writing this new book called Western Past and want some feedback on it. Would you please read it? Tell me on my wall if you would like anything else read in return


2 months ago Savanna Dilley said:

Hello fellow Figment writer! I’m Savanna and I am an aspiring writer, like most of you, and would love to get some serious feedback on my work. I have completed all swaps I have entered and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I hope that you would consider checking out one of my poems or even the first chapters to my “The Black Forest Parallel” If you have any interest in swaps, let me know. Any and all feedback ion my work is appreciated. I like to give critique, so if you are not interested in a swap but want some feedback on your work, I am also happy to check out your work without you checking out mine, just comment and tell me what to read. We might all be different but it doesn’t mean we don’t all share a few common goals by joining a writing site. 


2 months ago Katie ZaBAM said:

Hi there! I've just started writing a novel called "Between a Jock and a Dead Guy" and am wondering if you'd like to read the first chapter and leave some feedback. If this particular story doesn't appeal to you, feel free to read anything on my page. I will gladly return the favor ASAP, so just message if I don't get back to your piece within a day or so! Thank you :)

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When Man Has Fallen: B1 - Renegade

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The 2nd person is very different. Its also very rare. Some things need to explained more, but it not bad over all. The caps, not so much,... Read More »

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(over 1 year ago)

Why, your amazing. I never knew. Read More »