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    This is a work in progress but let me know what should be changed! Main image by Seattle Municipal Archives, licensed under CC BY 2.0;…

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    What Counts and What Matters

    This fantastic cover is done by Nivedha! I wrote this for my retiring band teacher. He has been fantastic! <a href="https://www.fl…

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5 months ago Dimples said:

Hey there. I see that my response from like a year is still here and I guess you haven't checked for a while, but if you, hopefully we can catch up on life? I'm just curious to see how everyone else from the Azkaban Rp have been fairing. It's really been a while.

Picture of me 9

over 1 year ago Dimples said:

Heya! I see Bri messaged you already but just want to update you that we've actually started up the roleplay again. We're also trying to get some old faces back in so please feel free to jump in if you want to or when you can.

Keep doing what you love, Dimples

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over 1 year ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Are you a student? Do you have papers that need editing? Then head on over to The Study Room and sign up for a review, or volunteer to be a reviewer!

I’m sorry if you’ve already received this advertisement or prefer not to receive group ads. In that case, feel free to delete this message.

Dbs toquer sm-57

over 1 year ago Brianna V Scow said:

Dimples and I are trying to wake up the roleplay if you wanna join in :) catching ourselves up on the plot first but things should start happening soon.

City lights

over 1 year ago fireboltstarx360 said:

Hey there! Would love if you could check out my first writing. It would mean a lot and I would love to read any of your readings. Thanks!

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Stephanie's List

(over 3 years ago)

Hey! So this was fantastic! I love the story and the disease is very interesting! (It kinda reminds me of the Fault in our Stars!! ) S... Read More »

My Imaginary Real Friend (first draft)

(over 3 years ago)

Hey! This was really good! There was a part in the middle where you forgot the y in my. So anyways! I really liked it! The idea is fan... Read More »