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9 months ago Tech said:

I am at a loss. You must've been lurking pretty good.

Did you have another account that was more active? :)

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't debate to win accolades. If you have been a regular, back in the day, you know that for certain. If the site poisoned me, it only means I already had that poison within me and it brought it to the surface.

Like everyone else, I struggle with balance when dealing with subjects I feel strongly about. I have good days and bad days. It's not just Figment but all social media that has made me appear more cynical. The me of 2011 was naive and inexperienced with social media. The 2017 me - not so much.

Your message made me think of something I've been going around with lately. I have formed a notion that the internet and social media, as it exists, is very corrosive to character and subjects everyone to online abuse, harassment and terrible role models. Social media is weighted to the lowest common denominator and everyone who goes online becomes more and more a victim of abuse.

The more time they spend - the more their character suffers. Like the drivers in China who drive over people they've accidentally hit (in order to kill them) and save themselves from owing lifelong disability payments, social media users become more callous, cynical and numb to the people they deal with and engage. No one escapes from these dens of inequities without scars and being changed to some degree.

Positive interaction is seldom reinforced. Negative action is.

Thank your for you kind and polite message.

May you escape the Figment curse. Like a boxer watching other boxers, you learn what works and what doesn't. Take the good and discard the bad.

Good luck!


9 months ago The Writing Rose (original) said:

I've been a member for long enough. I came across your comment on Tech's wall, a really good writer if I may say so myself. I feel every word you felt. I myself, am young still, but I feel so little heart in this site anymore. It used to be a star in my day, to be on here. I miss that vibrant wake in the morning. I crave that constant update in my feed for that book I was engaged in, along with so many other figs that also kindly supported most others works. Now there's a competitively vague and shallow feel of uncomfortableness. Excuse my language, but I usually just try not to give a damn... but your comment. I took that to heart.

Bvb d

almost 5 years ago mandy champion said:

Hello! I was wondering if you'd be interested in swapping? All but one of the stories on my wall are in a heart based contest and it would be really helpfull if I could get anyone and everyone I can to heart it! The ones in the contest are all under 500 words long (THATS A WHOPPING TWO MINUTES PEOPLE!!!)Im trying to reach my goal of 300 hearts. And i'll even throw in virtual cookies!! oh.. and read whatever you'd like me to read of yours :P Thankyou!oh.. and if you're not into swaps.. s-sorry I asked. -Mandy


over 5 years ago M.K. Wilke said:

Can you read my story Possessions please I will read anything you would like as long as it is short. Thanks a bunc


over 5 years ago e. j. mcdaddecock said:

hey can you go on contests and check out the fear design challenge?

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