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3 months ago Serenity Williams said:

As the above invitation implies, you've been requested to attend the wedding of Skyler King and Noelle Alabaster. We do so hope you can attend. You are entitled to a plus one that you can bring to the wedding as well as any children or significant others. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience on my page on whether or not you can attend. :)


4 months ago *Don't Panic* said:

Hey girly! Sorry I was gone for so long. Just family stuff. :P so anything new in your life? Exciting? Hope you have a grey day Shar! Merry Christmas! Love ya


4 months ago *Don't Panic* said:

Yes me too. :D Im glad your good. How's your inspiration? I really hope it's getting better :) Im doing okay. Like of kicking my ass right now ;) But I'm doing better. Hope everything is great on your end.


4 months ago *Don't Panic* said:

Hey girly! How's it going? I'm sure we decided to start this up again. :) have a good day!


5 months ago Tyri Dragonwing said:

Dear Figgies, I ask that all of you read "Dear Figment" by Tyri Dragonwing. Please heart, comment, review, etc. Please, write letters of your own! We will be heard, ladies and gentlemen! The goal for this letter is to spread the word not to get hearts, but I should hope that an insane number of hearts would get the attention of someone who can fix this! Please, spread the word! Share this post with your friends and followers! Sincerely, Tyri Dragonwing

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