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  • The griffithslyan the keeper of the ring - cover 2
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    The Griffithslyan: Keeper of the Ring

    [ Property of Florence E. Bloem © ] The actual title is: [ The Griffithslyan: The Keeper of the Ring ] But Figment said it wa…

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  • Black edited1
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    [ Property of Florence E. Bloem © ] I am the Black Spirit. An assassin created for the sole purpose to kill. I didn't used to be this…

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  • The eyes of a jedi222
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    The Eyes of a Jedi

    I just randomly decided I wanted to write a small book about a Jedi. Yup. Pretty much sums it up. I don't know much about Star Wars, o…

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  • Cursed beauty
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    Cursed Beauty

    Property of Florence E. Bloem © [Novel In Progress] The beginning poem was what I started with; just a poem. Then a friend of mine…

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  • Maria hood 1
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    Maria Hood

    Property of Florence E. Bloem © [Novel In Progress] My name is Maria Hood; daughter of Jonathon and Juliana Hood. Sister of Robin …

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  • Thedreamtraveler-1
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    The Dream Traveler

    Property of Florence E. Bloem © [Amazing cover by Laina Van Wingerden - Thanks Laina!] [Novel In Progress] For most people, d…

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Me 1963

about 1 year ago Linda D said:


Lent! (I need to be better about remembering when it is - I've been forgetting the date for the past three or four years! I think I should start writing it down)

Hmm? That made me chuckle a little. Good luck with that. It never falls on the same date. Now here is the completely confusing way to figure out when Lent starts.

First you have to know when the Vernal Equinox begins (that’s the first day of spring) That’s March 20/21 depending on the leap year thingy. Next you see where the full moon falls AFTER the spring Equinox, and Easter is the first Sunday After that Full moon – still with me here?

So that means Ash Wednesday is 46 (not 40 – but Lent is 40 days) Have I lost you yet? It is 46 days before, because…wait for it…Sunday’s don’t count as Lenten days, only the weekdays and Saturday.

Simple right? So, don’t write down this year’s Ash Wednesday’s date as being the start of Lent, because it won’t be this date again in…uh?...something like 12 years…I think…don’t hold me to that *** has mental image of F.E. writing down this date on her 2026 calendar and cursing Linda D when she’s wrong***

And calling me Linda is fine – Mrs. D just sounds…Dear Abby-ish – wait? You do know who “dear Abby” is right? Or am I dating myself on that too. Blast – I think I just did. My daughter had no clue who “dear Abby” was – she was a columnist in a lot of newspaper who gave advice – Dear Abby, my husband treats me… Dear Abby, How do I stop my children from… - and she would post the letter and give the answer – People loved it – she was witty and very wise – come to find out just one woman, but a bunch of women – It think.

So, all that being said – Sunday is NOT a Lent day, so when I get home from Mass – Lucky for me my daughter reminded me about the clocks going forward, and I won’t be arriving an hour late for Mass – I can probably read some more of your story.

Me 1963

about 1 year ago Linda D said:


Just a “heads-up.” Lent starts this coming Wednesday, and for Lent I am giving up Figment. Candy, coffee, chocolate, I can go without those easily, but this Lent will be HARD, because if will be giving up Figment… gulp! – Sunday is not considered a Lenten day, so if time allows, I will come on and try and catch up.

I’ll look on the bright side, you will have gotten some more chapters in, and all the more I can read after Easter. And without being on Figment, I should be able to concentrate more on my writing. Maybe knuckle down and get over my loss-of-my-friend funk and write more TEoT or TUL. Or maybe get ITSF polished up and start plaguing agents/publishers. I am going to dedicate ITSF book to my friend – the book she couldn’t wait to read, but never got the chance.

BTW, you’re doing great with regular updates. Means you’re writing – a beautiful thing.

Photo 4

about 1 year ago ♥Soleil♥ said:

Hey there!

Just wanted to stop by and ask if you could join the group Stand Up. We are fighting to raise awareness and help stop bullying. We are here to help, encourage and strengthen anyone who might be going through some rough times and be there every step of the way. It would mean the world to see you be apart of this fast growing movement.


Hope to see you!


p.s I also do a follow for a follow.

Me 1963

about 1 year ago Linda D said:

F.E. I saw that you broke your chapters up into better “bite-sized” portions. Chewing on them and digesting them will be much easier. I won’t be able to get to any more until after this weekend – I’m driving up to NY (8 hr one way) and back this weekend so I can see two of my girls perform in a HS play. – “Annie.”

Yes, I’m NOT a teenager. Laina VW (Whom I think you know too) point-blank asked me way back when if I was “old.” Hmmm? Aside from ribbing her that she probably meant to politely say “old-er,” age in a writer doesn’t matter – my favourite Author is 200 years older than I am. (Miss Jane Austen.) And I am blown away with reading thirteen-year-olds on this site – so I have come to the profound conclusion that age is irrelevant and writing is ageless too.

It’s good that this is pouring out of you – write frantically while the muse fights to be written. I had that happen to me last year – I wrote “If the shoe Fits.” 28K in 23 days straight – it literally (Pun intended) exploded out of me. And I had a blast. Have fun writing, and if I somehow get distracted with getting back to you, (I do have children/full time job and …Ugh…car pooling) so drop a reminder on my wall.

Write away…right away!

Me 1963

about 1 year ago Linda D said:

You probably saw the entry of “Followed you” then “Commented” and thought is this just another random person popping up on my page with following me for no reason. She’s probably going to ask for a swap and my wall distinctly say “NO” for swaps. You probably thought “did she even read any of my stuff before she posted this long winded comment.

Ah….? There lay the question. So, I may be some random person. And when I say “random” I mean random. BUT…I did start reading any of your work.

Yes, I did. The Griffinslyan – The keeper of the ring” caught my attention. First by the title…who ever said don’t judge a book by its cover??? and then I started reading. I liked the voice of the MC and it looks like it might be a fun read. Soooooo. Now getting back to the reason of all this in the first place….I am following you so I don’t forget to come back. As I started this at 5am and while getting ready for work – which I really must fly out the door NOW! – I’ll be back.

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