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  • Cigarette_0
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    This is another BBC Sherlock fanfic. I wanted to explore Sherlock's "boredom" in a serious tone, even though it's normally comic reli…

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  • Moriarty
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    Spider on a Web

    This is a fanfic for BBC's Sherlock. I felt like not a lot of people write anything about Moriarty, so this poem is all about him.

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  • Witch hat
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    The Normal Adventures

    Minnifred Jones shares how she went from normal to peculiar in a tale of magic, chocolate, and romance.

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  • Pink rabbit
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    Alex in Wonderland

    In this Wonderland tale, the protagonist is a guy, and all he wants is this crazy girl with bunny ears to stop dragging him around.

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  • Quill
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    Dear Lewis

    Alice reminds Mr. Lewis Carroll of a character that he had forgotten.

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  • Clockwork_heart
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    This is an entry for the Steampunk Flash-Fiction Contest. I've never written flash before, and I found it very difficult (I'm a wordy…

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over 2 years ago Zelda Cray said:

Hi! So, I noticed that you like manga, and I have a group dedicated to "Battle Royale," which is also a manga series! While I have not actually read the series, I really, really, really want some people to talk about it, the movies, the novel, anything! So if you like it, or know somebody who does, just type in "Battle Royale" at the group section and join! It would be great if we could really get this going! Thank so much!


over 2 years ago D. Claire said:

Do you like anime fanfiction? Would you like to read mine and swap? I could really use some hearts for the fanfiction contest!


If you accept, just write on my profile or leave me a comment to let me know what you'd like to swap! Thanks! ^^


over 2 years ago Kathryn Briggs said:

Hey, Can you please read my story 'Wanderlust', react and comment as you see fit? I have read Dear Lewis, and I will read The Normal Adventures, or a book of your choice in return. Thank you so much, and sorry if I annoyed you.


almost 3 years ago Kelsey Taeckens said:

Hi! Can you please read and heart Unexpected Gifts? I'm in a heart-based contest and my goal is 500 hearts. I'll read anything in return. Thanks!


almost 3 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

i'm not asking for a swap but I noticed you like Sherlock Holmes and would just like to inform you of my new story- Sherlocked :) If you could read it that'd be great :) Not asking for a swap though.

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Why I Love You

(over 3 years ago)

I really loved the concept of this piece! Your metaphors were compelling and well put together. The story itself was interesting as wel... Read More »

The Secret Of The Crashing Tides

(over 3 years ago)

I am currently trying to block out The Sound of Music, which, to my chagrin, is playing in the background (my mom and her love of Julie A... Read More »