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    A Delicate Manor

    Warning: story mentions rape. In fact, the story is about the aftermath of a rape in a noble home, from the point of view of the maid.…

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    A sad little romance.

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    Sawdust to Dust

    A story about a construction worker who decides to leave his miserable life and become a lumberjack.

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    A sad little poem.

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    Amber Ship

    After a long disappearance, a shepherd boy's father returns home.

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    Witch Stitch

    A short story about the town of Rinley, Massachusetts. Witches are not real. Mostly.

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over 2 years ago Maimoona said:

Hi! It would be really awesome if you'd read/heart Bright and Beautiful for me. It's only 3 minutes long. If you need me to read something of yours just let me know. Thanks! (: Sorry if I already posted this


almost 3 years ago said:

Would you like to swap?read and heart(if deserved) my story,the beautiful things. My goal is at least 2,000 hearts before march 13th:D,I'm saving up for a horse!

Scott and tessa

almost 3 years ago Ariella Ivashkov said:

Hi Madison! I read "Witch Stitch" and enjoyed it! I'd love if you read "Louis & Clark" and comment if you'd like. Thanks so much!

Happy holidays!


almost 3 years ago Lindsey Hazel Allaire said:

Would you like a swap? If so, please read the prologue of "Echoes of Darkness" (it's five minutes long) and tell me what you want me to read in return. If you want to read more, I'd be happy to read a longer of your pieces in return.


almost 3 years ago Cait Cher said:

Hello there, would you like to swap with me? If you do, I would appreciate it if you read Close To My Heart, Like Floating On Air, or After Christmas Shopping. If you want to do a triple swap, that would be fun. If not, ignore this message.

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Mechanical Humans

(over 3 years ago)

Okay, I really love this story. But there's a coupla things. It's a little bit hard to tell what the Mechs know of themselves. Were t... Read More »


(over 3 years ago)

Amazing story! The vernacular was flawless. Mr. Hingle's voice was completely consistent and believable, but his unique way of speaking d... Read More »