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  • Book 1 attempt 2 figment sized
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    The Supernaturalists

    <i>Thirteen days could change her life forever. One mistake could end it...</i> <br> Kalleigh Spears can count on her older brother,…

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  • Think this is my favorite figment sized
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    <i>Kalleigh Spears thought turning seventeen meant she was safe. She was sorely mistaken.</i> <br> With Alex refusing to teach her t…

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  • A touch of trust
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    A Touch of Trust

    <b> The more people you love, the more you lose </b> <br> Wes Moore may be the biggest jerk Abby has ever met, but there’s a shimmer…

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  • Touch of the past by marriah more blonde
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    Touch of the Past

    Wes Moore was not planning on saving anyone during his recon mission, but Rissa isn’t just anyone. Cut off from any hope of help, Wes …

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  • From there to here
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    From There to Here

    With a tailgate party at the end of a hard day, Astra Reese figured it would be a good weekend. She had no idea how wrong she was. The…

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  • Legend trippers
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    Legend Trippers

    Evie and her friends are on a summer long road trip, ready to debunk or discover some of the craziest myths and urban legends around. …

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Talk to me!


3 days ago B.K. Rivers said:

Hello! I have entered the Brandon Sanderson contest and my story is reliant on hearts, and so it forces me to go seek help from fellow Figgies. I am only searching for truly deserved hearts and comments/reviews. I don't want a heart if my story doesn't warrant one. So if you could read "We Don't Need Another Hero" I would feel very honored and will do the same for you!!

We Don't Need Another Hero


4 days ago JennaferB said:

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I just want you to know that your story is one of my favorites on Figment. Like I've said before, I've almost missed classes reading it :) I know what it can be like when you get into that writer’s rut, but I want you to know that you have loyal readers. And I for one am not going anywhere and literally can't wait for more. Your story is really, really good. Have you looked into getting it looked over for editing and maybe putting it up for sale as an ebook? I think you should :)


about 1 month ago R A Black said:

Sorry to hear you've had heath problems.

Hopefully the book will be out soon. She keeps saying in a week or so when I poke her. She's a friend and she's got some health issues as well, so I don't want to pressure her too much, but it's so close, you know?

I'm working on Mortician's Boy with a professional editor, so I'm going to try submitting it to agents when it's done. I doubt it will get anywhere, but there's no harm in trying.


2 months ago R A Black said:

Hey, I'm good. Life is much the same with me. Still waiting on my artwork, which is getting a bit tiring now, frankly.

Hope things are okay with you. Good to see you're still around. I've been recommending the Supernaturalists on a few threads where people have been asking for a good book to read.


3 months ago Tibby Kay said:

Hello fellow CPR enthusiast!

This is Tibby dropping by to pass on a message from Char. At our lovely group we have a few nice surprises for you all. First is a new monthly writing contest: The Zombie Apocalypse. That's right, we get to go zombie hunting! In our imaginations that is. End date is September 10th 2014 at 11 PM Eastern time. But don't wait until then! We've got the stretch room for 10,000 words, no need to rush them(; Next we have a new cover contest: Genderswap. What does that mean, you ask? Well, you'll have to head on over to find out! It ends August 24 2014 at 11 PM Eastern time. If you stop by to check out our contests please make sure you take a look the rest of the disscussions, we have plenty of games and fun. Thank you for reading this message from your fellow fig.


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(5 months ago)

CHAPTER THREE:: “She couldn’t remember how or when she got…” “…questioning her memories…” These sentence contradict each other. I thin... Read More »

An Anarchy of Dreams

(5 months ago)

CHAPTER TWO:: “If Melissa had thought the van was chaotic, she’d obviously never been backstage before…” I found this sentence incredi... Read More »