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  • Book 1 attempt 2 figment sized
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    The Supernaturalists

    <i>Thirteen days could change her life forever. One mistake could end it...</i> <br> Kalleigh Spears can count on her older brother,…

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  • Think this is my favorite figment sized
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    <i>Kalleigh Spears thought turning seventeen meant she was safe. She was sorely mistaken.</i> <br> With Alex refusing to teach her t…

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  • A touch of trust
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    A Touch of Trust

    <b> The more people you love, the more you lose </b> <br> Wes Moore may be the biggest jerk Abby has ever met, but there’s a shimmer…

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  • Touch of the past by marriah more blonde
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    Touch of the Past

    Wes Moore was not planning on saving anyone during his recon mission, but Rissa isn’t just anyone. Cut off from any hope of help, Wes …

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  • From there to here
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    From There to Here

    With a tailgate party at the end of a hard day, Astra Reese figured it would be a good weekend. She had no idea how wrong she was. The…

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  • Legend trippers
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    Legend Trippers

    Evie and her friends are on a summer long road trip, ready to debunk or discover some of the craziest myths and urban legends around. …

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Talk to me!

Enrique and i 2

6 days ago Melanie Camacho said:

I know you don't do swaps so I was just wondering if you would read my beandon Sanderson contest entry. If you like it can you comment and heart it? It's a heart contest thank you even if you don't!


9 days ago R A Black said:

Thank you :) And make sure you check the dedication. You're one of the people who helped me have the courage to put it out there.


19 days ago R A Black said:

Hey! Apple is finally available. You can download it here: You should be able to download it in various formats to fit whatever reader you have. I'd love it if you could leave me a review if you do get a copy.

Thanks for all your support, Rose


21 days ago R A Black said:

Hey! I've finally got my art done, so look for Apple coming out probably next week. I think the ebook will be out first and then the print edition once I've had a chance to get a preview copy sent over and checked.

I'll let you know when it's live, but I've got a facebook page setup if you're interested:!/thewordsofrablack

Thanks for all your support, Rose


about 1 month ago B.K. Rivers said:

Hello! I have entered the Brandon Sanderson contest and my story is reliant on hearts, and so it forces me to go seek help from fellow Figgies. I am only searching for truly deserved hearts and comments/reviews. I don't want a heart if my story doesn't warrant one. So if you could read "We Don't Need Another Hero" I would feel very honored and will do the same for you!!

We Don't Need Another Hero

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(6 months ago)

CHAPTER THREE:: “She couldn’t remember how or when she got…” “…questioning her memories…” These sentence contradict each other. I thin... Read More »

An Anarchy of Dreams

(6 months ago)

CHAPTER TWO:: “If Melissa had thought the van was chaotic, she’d obviously never been backstage before…” I found this sentence incredi... Read More »