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  • Ribbet edition megan g cover
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    The Supernaturalists

    <i/> 13 days could change her life. 1 mistake could end it. </i> <br> When Kalleigh Spears’ best friends wanted to go on an adventur…

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  • Books mountain tops and other first loves cover figgie
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    Books, Mountain Tops & Other First Loves

    a collection of poetry I've written over the years. <br> Keep in mind, I am *not* a poet by any means. These were all done for fun.

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  • From there to here
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    From There to Here

    With a tailgate party at the end of a hard day, Astra Reese figured it would be a good weekend. She had no idea how wrong she was. The…

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  • If this cover doesn't work
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    Strong Will and a Broken Heart

    Kyndra never understood how much strength could come from someone with a broken heart, until her illegitimate brother came into her li…

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  • A touch of trust
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    A Touch of Trust

    <b> The more people you love, the more you lose </b> <br> Wes Moore may be the biggest jerk Abby has ever met, but there’s a shimmer…

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3 months ago Christy said:

Glad you like the pro pic! You can use it anywhere. Just remember to please credit me in your bio! Thanks. :)


3 months ago The One And Only said:

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3 months ago Christy said:


3 months ago Christy said:

Request accepted! You can now choose your method of payment and I'll get back to you soon! :)


9 months ago Katie Miller said:

Hello, Lyric! I just wanted to let you know the great news that "A Past Not Forgotten" is published!...almost. Currently, I am a part of the Nerdist Collection contest through Inkshares (basically kickstarter for books) and in order to win I need to be in the top five with the most pre-orderers by September 30th. I've been all the way up to ninth! I just need more people to commit to buying!

I know what you're thinking, "that book needed a LOT of work..." and you're right! It did! But, now, I've edited and rewritten, and you can read the first chapter on Figment, and the first two are on Inkshares!

You're support would be awesome! You can even get your name in the back of the book if you want! Also, stay tuned for my feature in John Robin's world-building series!

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(almost 2 years ago)

CHAPTER THREE:: “She couldn’t remember how or when she got…” “…questioning her memories…” These sentence contradict each other. I thin... Read More »

An Anarchy of Dreams

(almost 2 years ago)

CHAPTER TWO:: “If Melissa had thought the van was chaotic, she’d obviously never been backstage before…” I found this sentence incredi... Read More »