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    L'enfer c'est les autres.

    It's not always the doing of others that makes us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, it's our own known incompetencies that make us dislik…

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  • Rory
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    Silent Vow

    I vow silence for the day of the 15th April 2011 to demonstrate my belief in respect&love, trust&support.

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  • Geschichten-vom-alten-popov
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    Popov on the ledge

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  • Public
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    The Public Gay Community

    Essays and thoughts. I'd like to discuss the topics herein. Please leave a comment. You can also write your own piece and ask me to r…

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  • Title5
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    Novel. Questioning sexuality. Love in a foreign country.

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  • Aftermath
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    Cancer's Aftermath

    After his cancer treatment, one patient tries to figure out a sense in his disease and a sense in his life as the days go on.

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My blue eye

about 2 years ago Behind Sapphire Eyes said:

You're a beautiful writer and person. And I want nothing but the best for you after reading your story. You're inspiring and you have unknowing left an imprint on my heart and soul. I want nothing but to befriend you

My blue eye

about 2 years ago Behind Sapphire Eyes said:

You're a both a beautiful writer and person. I want nothing but the best for you after reading your story. You have left an emotional imprint on my heart and soul. I want nothing more than to befriend you.

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over 2 years ago Julie Ann said:

Hello, would you like to swap? If so could you read my book "My Hero And Villain" please? I will read any of your books in return, but if you do not wish to swap then please ignore me.


about 3 years ago Lady Yeux said:

Join ❥Nightingale!

The families of Knight and Gale have had their differences in the past, mainly because the Gales' are angels while the Knights' are demons. Though the heads of the households came to the agreement that once their children were of age, they were to be wed in order to share the wealth and riches. The only issue was that as the children where born, they where gifted with four boys each. However the two families saw it as nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Having nothing but greed on their minds, the two families continued with their plans to become one.


Hope to see you soon~!


over 3 years ago Kyla Marie Rich said:

Hello. I am shamelessly promoting myself. I was just wondering if you'd read and comment on my story "Being Gray-A". "Being Gray-A" is a short version on my coming out story.

~Kyla Marie Rich : )

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Need You

(over 5 years ago)

Sometimes, we fall in love for someone around us who doesn't see or can't return our feelings. We suffer with their being hurt in their s... Read More »


(over 6 years ago)

<p>I read a novella once, in the last year of <i>Gymnasium</i>, <i>Le Chagrin de la Chine</i> by Milena.<br> The book was provided by ou... Read More »