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    Singing on the Roof

    Lucian Nyx does not approve. (Author's note: Once upon a time, the first draft of this story was in the inkpop Top 5. This is a rev…

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almost 3 years ago Jasmine of Del said:

Thanks for the comment and heart! :3


almost 3 years ago Jasmine of Del said:

I have a wattpad account, although I don't go on it as much. My username is Jasmine1524! :)


almost 3 years ago Jasmine of Del said:

Gah. SOTR is so good and I really want to read the next one! I think the scene with Pop in the hospital explained Lucian's thinking a lot. I also really liked all of the metaphors and images surrounding Lucian and Alex in the epilogue. In my brain, all the images were spinning together, getting faster and faster and it I could sense Lucian's anxiety and restlessness.


almost 3 years ago Shock! said:

yeah, i tend not to worry TOO much about reviews because i'm used to the whole "person A thinks this bit is FANTASTIC and makes the piece, person b thinks this same bit is awful and you should take it out" deal (no, literally, i've had it happen multiple times over the SAME LINE). so i take into consideration as much as i can but don't tend to let it get to me.

yeah sadly with the way my brain's been functioning lately i've been having a really hard time focusing on longer works. too much brain fog i guess.

whoops you followed just in time to see me rant a lot about l.a. noire xD


almost 3 years ago Shock! said:

yeah, i figured they didn't see it as i'd intended and i was wondering if i'd just failed to convey that at all or what. xD hopefully they'll respond to my comment and maybe i can tweak it to make it a little more clear for other readers. i'm glad you liked it!! and i do indeed remember you, i was seeing you update singing on the roof in my notifications and i was like "i remember reading that!" i actually went and looked at it because i was just like. wow if it's still being updated it must have like THIRTY CHAPTERS NOW but i see you rewrote it, is that what's happening? if my brain ever gets in the place to be able to handle novels again i'll check it out~

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